squeaking shoes

Jan 24, 2009
I have two pairs of sneakers from the same brand . They're really comfortable and were holding up fine, until all of a sudden at around the same time, they both started to squeak (loudly) whenever I walk, every single step. (Actually usually it is only one foot, not both making the noise). It's not the kind of squeaking from the exterior sole of the shoe that sometimes happens when you get new shoes, and besides I've had these shoes for about 5 months with no previous problems. I can tell it's coming from the actual padded insole. This hasn't happened with any other brand of shoe I have either. Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing it and what I can do to stop it? I really like them and I don't want to have to throw them away. I've tried wearing thin socks and wearing thick socks and it makes no difference.


Jan 3, 2009
Wow, that's really strange. Maybe bring them to a shoe repair place and put them on and walk around in them so they can hear. Kind of like letting your mechanic drive the car so he can diagnose the problem.


Aug 23, 2007
have they gotten wet recently? shoes, especially sneakers, often don't have completely solid soles and have some cavities inside the rubber sole. water can get trapped in there. Or if some part inside the sole's glue comes loose then the airflow (or water) inside the shoe is disrupted, which can cause squeaking.

I have a pair of boat shoes that somehow started to squeak in one shoe, I ended up washing them and letting them air dry for a few days, and now it doesn't squeak anymore.