Squeaking bbag?

  1. I'm thinking from the brass hook which attaches the strap to the brass ring on the bag - nothing major but it bugs me!:rolleyes:

    Any suggestions? TIA!
  2. LOL my black work does that too!! maybe conditioner may help it but i haven't tried.
  3. Mine squeeks a tiny bit too, but not too bad. lol
  4. Same here.... first noticed it on my white twiggy but then I heard it from my aqua city... not too bad but like you said "it bugs me".
  5. Hhehehhee...I'm sorry - I'm not laughing at the fact that they're making their little noises....but I thought the title was so cute! :heart:
  6. Balenciaga are using distressed mouse leather now perhaps?
  7. Hehe, what a cute thread!
  8. I've never noticed that on any of my bbags...weird!
  9. i just started noticing this on my camel city! good to know i'm not crazy :p
  10. Oh no! I shouldn't have read this thread...I haven't noticed any squeaking on mine, I hope I don't start after this!!!!!
  12. Mine don't squeak. LOL! (Not to make fun of a noise that can probably be very annoying). Usually oil helps but NOT with bbags!!! So I'd try a bit of lovinmybags conditioner or something in very small quantities... good luck!
  13. that happened with mine, and i used a couple drops of the applegard conditioner on her in each of the leather loops and the squeakiness totally went away. i think they just get dry sometimes. hope that helps!
  14. What a coincident! I just noticed for the first time today that my black city squeaks and was wondering the same thing. Great thread:tup:
  15. Haha my partime squeeks too! Why would a work squeek tho? It has no strap.