*Squeaaal* My new French Blue giant city!

  1. I am in :heart:
    FB City2.JPG FB City4.JPG
  2. Gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy you found one you love. It looks great on you!
  3. gorgeous~! the color is stunning! Enjoy~!
  4. God, that French Blue is sooo beautiful! I do not blame you for being in love - serious congratulations are in order!
  5. Thank you :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. That is one beautiful handbag! I assume you are MUCH happier with the leather?
  7. OMG, yess! World of diffference! This one feels and looks amazing and the color is very vivid, my camera doesn't do it justice :yahoo:
  8. It is gorgeous in FB! Congrats!!!
  9. Hey, guccidiva, don't forget to post pix of your new beauty in the GH thread~!
  10. Yes, will do :yes:
  11. Oh No....i love your new bag and color..they look lovely....:dothewave:
  12. Striking bag. Lovely.
  13. Beautiful bag!
  14. It's beautiful!! :heart: I love the color, and the GH just gives it that extra oomph! :nuts: Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. Love it! Just beautiful! Congrats!:yes: