Squats and lunges

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  1. Can you do these everyday as long as you don't use weights?
  2. It's really not that beneficial to work the same muscles every day, even if you don't use weights - you're still using body weight as resistance. Your muscles need at least 48 hours to fully recover and for you to get the most out of your resistance training :smile:
  3. Thanks - just wondering.
  4. Christina's right (as usual). When you do any kind of resistance training you are breaking down the muscle tissue and in order for you to see gains your muscles need to rest. Think of it as a healing period, which in essence that's what it is. In fact, if you do the same resistance movements everyday you can actually lose muscle due to overtraining and increase chance of injury. Not to mention that your muscles have a "memory" and become accustomed to a routine and cause that routine to become ineffective.

  5. My PHH is a coach and he has his girls do these every other day. That along with push-ups, dips and sit-ups and running bleachers.
  6. I do it everyday, but more for cardio training than resistance training.