Square Vintage Box Pics

  1. Look what Denise at Nordstrom sent me - the small Square Vintage Box in black, brown and dark brown. It is so cute!! I love the shape and the size even looks decent but the $1795 price tag doesn't warrant the purchase...

    I lusted after this for SO SO long. I might take a trip into NM Boston to see/fondle it IRL.
    Square_Vintage_Box_Black_Brown_DkBrown.jpg SquareVintrageSide_View.jpg
  2. I think its cute... but it is just sooo small and well... boxy... LOL!!
  3. I know; I am such a boxy/bowler style handbag type of girl. I should just live in one of my large Chanel boxes!!
  4. I like these, but I agree, they don't warrant their price tag. I bought one in black last year and hardly use it.
  5. I dunno, those short straps in brown kind of look like Baby Ruths....kwim? :shame: :Push:
  6. :nuts: 0o0o0 so little and cute! the shoulder straps look so comfy!! :love:
  7. I LOVE this bag, but it's so uncomfortable under the arm for me : (
  8. Am more than happy to say I LOVE seeing the pics but am not too fond of the bag...for me, that is...
  9. Can somebody please tell me the size dimensions of this bag? Are the shoulder straps too small to comfortably carry this on the shoulder? Also, someone said it's too boxy...does that mean it's not soft and squishy like the tote? Thanks:smile:

  10. ^I don't have the dimensions, but the leather is super soft and squishy, but the design is not IMO. The bottom is square so the bag tends to hold that shape, the handles have a short-ish drop so it makes your arm stick out ackwardly IMO.
    I lvoe the bag, I pick it up everytime I go to NM but I always think the same thing, the handles need to be longer for it bo truly be a shoulder bag, which is a shame, it looks like a shoulder bag, but is better carried in teh crook of your arm IMO.
  11. I think the dimensions are approximately 9.5" long x 6" high x 5.5" deep.

    I have seen it on the shoulder of very small boned women but as Swanky mentioned, it is best carried in the crook of the arm.

  12. I TOTALLY agree w/ Swanky on this one. The handles need to be a bit longer since I mostly like shoulder bags anyways, esp w/ a baby! I saw this bag last year & wanted it so bad, & like Swanky,pick it up all the time when I'm at NM but bc of the handles I never could bring myself to get it.

    The brown is TO DIE FOR!!!:love:
  13. i saw these as well as my closest boutique as well. they're fun to look at and hold for a couple of minutes, but they're tiny if you need to carry more than just essentials. the proportion of the thick, long handles to the boxiness also is strange. the tote and the 3 compartment bag is better bang for the buck. i got the tote in dark brown yesterday and i love it.
  14. OMG! Those are sooo cute, I'm feenin over that black one!! Thanks for the pics Roey!:flowers:
  15. Thanks, Swanky:smile: ! It's too bad because I was eyeing this bag from the Nordstrom PDF files thread:sad: . I can't wait to get my brown VL tote;)