Square Trade worked -- I had retalitory feedback removed! Woo hoo!

  1. I had to share, I am SO excited. My eBay feedback has been restored back to 100% positive thanks to Square Trade!!!

    A few months ago, a seller sold me a fake LV. I had to file a dispute to get my money back. Thankfully, I did get every penny back. I left the seller negative feedback. Well, of course, she retaliated with negative feedback for me and I lost my 100% positive rating. That really bothered me.

    Someone on this board (forgive me, I forget who) suggested using Square Trade. So I went ahead and filed. The seller didn't respond to the Square Trade request, so they automatically removed my negative. The comments are still there, but the negative itself was removed. Also, Square Trade added in a comment that the seller didn't respond to their inquiry.

    And the best part about it? The seller still has her negative from me! It cost me $30, but for me, it was worth it to get back my 100% positive and for her to be stuck with the negative I left her. If I had agreed to mutually remove the feedback, it wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying.

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Congrats! Glad to hear a happy-ending.:tup:

    I have a negative from a buyer because she filed item not received instead of package lost via USPS. I used Square Trade but she responded and refused to negotiated. She is a b*t*h! Pardon my dirty mouth.:rolleyes:
  3. Awesome! I'm glad it worked for you. I'll have to keep that in mind if that ever happens to me.
  4. wow, that's great! thanks for the info! i'll think of this if a similar thing ever happens to me on eBay
  5. That's fantastic news, congratulations!!! It must be so great to see that 100% looking back at you again :yahoo:
  6. I used square trade with the same results. For me it was worth the $30!
  7. Its a shame that eBay has to have money to right a wrong. If the feedback is wrong is should be removed without anyone paying anything. Good old greedy ebay.
  8. ^I agree.
    But that's great to hear that it's gone!
  9. good for you! yeah:yahoo:
  10. That is great!! :tup:
  11. YAY! justice is served!!
  12. Congratulations! It's so great to hear that your feedback is restored and a wrong has been righted.

    It is too bad that they don't charge the fee to the losing party, though (i.e., since she didn't respond and lost the dispute, they should charge her the $30 to her eBay account.)
  13. Agree, but it's probably their way of monitoring the service to ensure that everyone who gets a neg doesn't immediately ask to have it removed.
  14. WoW...that is great news Lori!!!!
  15. that is good to know. I have a negative feedback from the same situation. Unfortunately, I didn't try the Square Trade route. Next time I will definitely do that. And the only reason I left the negative was not because she sold me a fake handbag, but because she RELISTED the fake handbag. She gave me a refund, and agreed with me that it was fake. Then she relisted. I e-mailed her, and told her that wasn't right. She didn't respond. I then left her the negative because I wanted to warn others. She then left me a negative. I e-mailed Ebay, and the customer rep told me there was nothing I could do. Next time, I'll do the Square Trade - it would be worth the $30.00 to me to have it removed, and have the other person still be stuck with their negative.