Square Trade Feedback Removal Phone Number

  1. Just for anyone that might need this:

    800 686 6008

    It is my understanding that you can contact them in regard to removing unwarranted or retalitory Negative feedback you have received to your eBay account.

  2. this is great. DO they have to be within a certain period?
  3. No idea - I just was given the number from my eBay rep ~ I was fearful of receiving some retalitory feedback and was discussing my options - either eBay would remove it or he said to call that number - I have never used it...
  4. Square trade can and will remove feedack, but for a $30 fee
  5. i might be receiving a neg pretty soon, so this number will be quite handy. thank you so much. i would def. pay $30 fee if they can really remove the feedback. :yes:
  6. I had to use Square Trade once. I was sold a fake LV and the seller left me neg FB -- the nerve! Square Trade removed it, but the great thing about it is that the neg FB I left for her remained. Yes, it was $30, but in my opinion it was worth it as it restored my 100% pos FB.
  7. Thank you, nice information to store in case I need it.
  8. God, I hate ebay sometimes! It is so unfair that I have to pay to have an obvioulsy ret. neg feedback comment that ruined my 100% removed!:cursing:
  9. Thanks very much. The problems I am going thorough at the moment, I am pretty sure will result in my first negative feedback.

    Will it still be the same number from the U.K.?
  10. I have no idea-but would think that if Square Trade is available to the UK that they would either help you or provide you with a different number.:shrugs:
  11. Rosie, you can go through suqare trade in the U.K through ebay , under the help section , i had a mad neg once , got it removed by square trade , worth every penny !
  12. I've seen sellers whose feedback says 100% positive but under the breakdown of the number of positives, neutrals and negatives, it says 1 negative. Would this be a result of having negative feedback removed by ebay or Square Trade? I've always wondered how someone's feedback can be 100% when it says they have 1 or more negatives in the total feedback count.
  13. Actually it could be that they received the neg as a buyer - are you looking at all feedback? Also, if they have been an Ebayer for years I wonder if it drops off?!??

    Look the seller up on toolhaus.org - Pretty sure you can see it all there...
  14. ^^ Very strange. I looked up the seller up on toolhaus and see the negative a buyer left (in Aug. '07), but I thought even one negative would affect the seller's rating, but it still says 100% pos. The seller has a lot of feedback, but less than 4000. I wonder how they managed to keep a 100% positive rating.
  15. Was there a mutual agreement to remove it?? I have left neg for bad seller and she neg back - which hacked me off - so I agreed to mutual. Her remarks are on me and if you look in toolhaus it shows the neg - but I am 100% because of the withdrawal agreement...