Square-toe boots - still in?

  1. I bought a pair of square toe boots last season - wondering if they're still in? :confused1:

    Like these:
  2. I still see allot of women wearing square toe. Personally, I dont like square toe, whether it's in or out, but that's just me. :smile:
  3. If you like 'em, rock 'em. Thats my motto lol.
  4. I think that square toe is subtle enough that it can always be worn. It isn't the wide, in-your-face square toe that was popular some years back. I think that boots like Fryes will continue to be worn this fall/winter again due to comfort, too, and many of those have square toes, too.

    Toe shape is really a matter of comfort and personal style to me. I cannot get into the pointy toes no matter how "in" they are, for example, because they make my feet look enormous (and I have average sized feet). So don't let trends dictate too much what you wear and what you don't!
  5. I've personally never like square-toe shoes. But, they tend to chop off your foot, so they may look best on people with larger feet.
  6. ^^^^ I actually like them because they make my feet look bigger (as do pointy toe shoes) - I'm a size 5, and hate looking dwarf-ish :hrmm:
  7. I think that you can still wear them, I have a pair that are square, but narrower at the tip, and I plan to wear them until they give out. I spent a pretty penny on them!
  8. Well, if they're still in I'll hold on to mine. I have several pair I haven't "dumped" yet. But honestly I don't see anyone wearing them anymore.