Square Mini - Quilted Navy or Chevron Black

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  1. I'm on vacation right now and have the opportunity to pick up a Chanel Square Mini in either Quilted in Navy or Chevron in Black.

    This will be my first Chanel bag. Ideally, I'd like a Quilted in Black but the city I live in doesn't have a Chanel boutique and I heard minis are hard to come by so I'd like to pick one up now.

    Which should I pick?
  2. I'm more of a fan of Quilted - and I like the idea of a navy bag. So I vote for quilted navy!
  3. +1
  4. Either would be beautiful...I would try them both and and choose the one that calls to you...they both sound lovely.
  5. Wait for the Quilted in Black - Do a phone order if possible rather than settling....
  6. The 16 spring navy with silver hardware is amazing!!!
  7. I love the chevron with silver hardware but if you want quilted Vanana is right the navy from Spring is a gorgeous shade :smile:
  8. It really depends on the color palette you typically wear. I thought a navy bag would work perfectly for me as I tend to wear cool tones but I seem to use my black bags so much more. Good luck deciding!
  9. Quilted navy for a modern yet elegant touch. Chevron in black is edgy! I'm no help..
  10. I vote for quilted navy if you couldn't wait for the black.
  11. I saw a really beautiful vintage black lambskin mini at xupes.com. I want it so much but maybe you are interested? Xupes is in the UK but even if that is inconvenient for you, the price is good for the quality/condition.