Square face - v line + jaw reduction?

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  1. #1 May 6, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2016
    Hi all, I am a newbie here. I haven't done much research on the PS clinics. I have a square-shaped face and would like to have surgery to improve it. I am not really sure which kind of surgery is suitable. Do any of you who have done more research or who have the same experience as mine can provide some suggestions on the kind of surgery other than v-line. Do you have any idea how much does it charge in average for just v-line surgery?

    Besides, I would like to know which clinic you have ever heard about or you have own experience have any "BAD" news or complaints so that I can tick it out immediately.

  2. View Clinic is having a special on the 3 facial contouring procedures you're asking for. If you kakao talk to them and send pictures, make sure to tell them what you want and what you want the results to look like, they can give you same day estimate. They are very fast at responding. Their kakao ID is Viewps1177. Good luck!
  4. Yea, b.c me giving my opinion about a clinic I believe is good. This is a forum, you do realize that right? Lmao
  5. Hey I am doing research on facial contouring surgery as well.
    Plan to go to Korea sometime next month!
    So far my list of clinics are:

    -View (but not sure right now - read some negative reviews on forum)

    As you do your research on this forum, there are a lot of positive and negative reviews about each clinic and its really hard to decide what to believe. Of course you cannot ignore every negative comments about the clinic but I based my decision on B&A photos and clinic's specialties.
    Facial contouring is a huge risk and I need clinics/doctors that I can trust!
    Anyways happy researching :smile: When do you plan on getting your surgery??
  6. omg thank you I told someone else, she said view has never botched anyone girl bye m read the forum I said
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  7. I'm agree with you. I've been waiting for long time to read facial f/g reviews from other clinics but Sarahdomm seems like promoter... I read all her reply and review but she is continuously mention about View clinics' Kakaotalk. :/
  8. I honestly don't care what you think of me I had surgery done at View clinic, yes.
    I'm happy with the results, and I'm shareing my experience.

    People on these forums aren't stupid and are smart enough to make up their own minds to which clinic they decide to get surgery done. I'm not forcing anybody. I express the safety of my clinic because safety along with results is a factor when it comes to surgery and it was something I was interested in when I looked through these forums to find my right clinic. Whether sharing my experience makes me a promoter or not, lmao who cares, have a nice day!
  9. LOl he mad Sarah likes her results. Who would not give a plastic surgery clinic props if they did a good job. Astrid7 go take a seat. Stop trying to be a bully. Boy Bye
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  10. Sarah hit me up on kak katrina why . Thanks
  11. Sure!!
  12. I had my V-line + Zygoma at Regen and the result went well. Nothing wrong happened, it was not scary as I imagined. However, the recover time was quite stressful. You need to prepare for that, you will not able to eat much things for 2-3 months. You face will look swelling for months and it affects your life/work. And you might like the old look than the new face, lol, not because the new face is not pretty but square jaw+extruded zygoma look more unique. (Although I know at this time, all you want is to shape them off, but in some cases, people change their mind after looking too much of dolly V-line face ) In my case, I wanted a natural look and Dr Jun achieved it. Stranger cant tell that I actually got surgery. His skill is amazing. But I do experience a bit sagging because of my age (I am 37) which are actually already there before the surgery. I do not recommend people more than 35+ do this type of surgery. I hope it will be better in next few months but even with it, my face is much nicer than before. I should have done this long time ago, all the time/money/pain/suffer,...worth it at the end :smile: And sorry for my broken English
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  13. Not to be a downer here, but can I ask the OP and other girls here why they want to change their square face shape into a v-line? Isn't square considered attractive? Olivia Wilde? Emily Ratajkowski? I don't see why this is a problem unless it's like an uneven/asymmetric square shape which I don't think is the problem here.
  14. In Asia, people prefer V line face which is more feminine. V line = Pretty.
    I fell in love with Qiu Qiu surgery result, I loved her new face. I did think that was the perfect look. I did a lot of reseachs before my surgery and I was sure that I wanted a V line face, I hated my square face. Here is Qiu Qiu B&A photos:
    Well, but after my surgery, I am more and more getting sick of Vline face everywhere. One day I relook her photos, I realized her BEFORE face is actually beautiful!!! And Unique, much more attractive.
    I never thought I would have changed my view one day. But now I understand my Western people like square jaw + high cheek.
    Ask for my case, well, my before face was not as pretty as Qiu qiu before one, my face was super flat and super square like robot. Lol. My zygoma now is just same as her the before which is good for me, I do not want it to completely disappear.
    My new face line is more suitable with other parts of my face ( eyes, nose, lips..) and its not a real V line face, just less square and more 3d shape. I am happy with that.
    Overall I think V line or Square line are both pretty if it suits you. Western face usually goes with high nose and deep eyes, those features look nice with square face. But Asian face is very flat, flat nose, flat eyes and with a square face? You completely look like a yellow sponge.
    Please also remember only doctors know how much they can shave your bone ( depend on your nerves) or will it be too dangerous.
    Please consider carefully if you really need a surgery and good luck :smile:
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