Square by Square Quilting - my first one!

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  1. "Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric."

    I have officially started my first quilt and wanted to share my tiny bit of progress.

    I am following a free pattern I found online for a sample quilt. (I figure I'll start small and work my way up). I can't think of the site, but have it bookmarked on my home computer.. so I will post the link tonight.

    Here is my doodle of the pattern to assign my fabrics to the right spots:

  2. Here are the materials I am starting with (it's embarassing that they are still in the packaging):

    Roto Cutter, ruler and cutting board:

  3. My big mess of fabrics that I choose for the pattern (un-ironed):


    Here they are post ironing. I have selected five patterns/colors:

  4. My next step (which I started yesterday) is to cut out the shapes I need for each square. I will take a snap shot of that tonight and post the link to the site I am following!

    So far I LOVE cutting with the rotary tool.. that in itself could be a fun hobby! And seeing some of the pieces cut out now-- I am starting to get a better idea for how the pattern is going to look like with my color choices! Pretty cool!
  5. How absolutely cool! Quilting is something I"ve always wanted to try. My daughter is a sewer and my MIL and her sisters are HUGE quilters. I should avail myself of their collective talents and get started!

    I'm going to love watching your progress! :smile:
  6. OOO OOO OOOOOOOOOO Exciting! I'm starting to regret not having learned quilting from my grandma! She lived far away though...
  7. The best part about quilting is choosing the fabrics. I love the colors you've selected.
  8. Here is the site I am following in case anyone else is inpired to give this a try with me http://www.sewaquilt.com/

    Kooba, so far this has been so easy!! I hope you give it a try!

    Tyger, you wouldn't believe how addicting this already is. All I talk about during the day is how I can't wait to go home and try some more quilting!!

    LLANeedle, your right I am already picking out colors and fabrics for the next one :smile:
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    Here is a picture of some of the fabric I have started to cut out. The top is the 1st square and the bottom shows the 2nd square. I am loving how the color combo's are starting to look together!

  10. Quilting is so much fun! You will be soooo proud of yourself when you finally finish it! Your fabrics are pretty! What size are you making?

    I'm only 20 right now and I've made 2 different quilts so far. I made my first one when I was only around 15/16 years old, my mother & I took a quilt class for a whole day and I started it and finished it that day. Then, in one of my highschool classes my senior year, I made a HUGE oversized queen quilt... I don't have the back quilted yet though. I'll have to take pictures of them and post them.
  11. I know some crazy quilters... once you get started you never stop, apparently.
    Kittybag, can't wait to see it!!!
  12. Thanks for sharing this with us! It must be very exciting starting your first quilt. I really like the fabric you picked out and the design as well. Can't wait to continue to see your progress throughout the project. It looks great!
  13. Any progress?
  14. Great info, thank you! I need to get off my behind and try the sampler quilt or at least make a block!
  15. Yes!! I actually have made progress :smile: Funniest part is that once you get going you don't want to do anything else. I need to snap some pics! I have the pieces all cut out.. and a few blocks sewn... and now I need to press them and keep going. I will try and post pics tonight!

    Mariah, thanks for the compliment on fabric and design!
    Gondola, you are so right -- way addictive!
    Legwarmers, I hope you still post your pictures to inspire us all!