Square Bag???

  1. Hello Everyone!! Can you pls help me??? My friend just came from HK, & she saw this H bag, but she didn't ask the SA what style is it. Now she's asking me to buy it for her when I go to HK next week. All she expalined was Perfect square with a short handle. I told her is it plume? she is not so sure. Are there any style aside from plume which is square?? pls help...thanks! if you can show me some pics , much better. Thanks again..:confused1:
  2. There is an omnibus which is more square than the plume. Omnibus has two shortish handles.
  3. Yes, there is a bag square in shape with hand-held handles. If it is a perfect square, it might be the Omnibus Bag.

    Picture courtesy of jemznjewels