SQ's bag collection

  1. Here is the first part of my bag collection. You can find some designer bags but also the ones that I call 'fun bags'.

    1 - Balenciaga City Medium Classique. Lovely! This is the Christmas present I bought for myself :love:
    2 - Two black bags I use in my working days: the one on the left is very big and it is produced by Italian brand Mazzini, the one on the right has got a nice 'moon' shape and is by Bally.
    3 - My black Paddington :love: The leather is so supple and soft!
    Balenciaga.jpg Black bags.jpg Immagine 056.jpg
  2. These are other bags of my collection.

    1 - These are two bags I usually use in the evenings, when I go out with my husband. The one on the left is embroidered with some sequins and crystals, the one on the right (one of my favourite bags) has got a printed magnolia on the front.
    2 - Another bag I love: a clutch bag made of brown leather, with a string closure (you wrap the strings around the bag).
    3 - These are my 'fun bags': on the left, a shopping bag that I especially use in summer and a cat's face shaped bag by Emily the Strange.
    Clutch bags.jpg Pochette Radà.jpg Fun Bags.jpg
  3. You have a very nice collection! I love your black B-bag!
  4. Cute cat face, lol. It's so adorable!
  5. nice bags! i also like the balenciaga :biggrin:
  6. Love the paddington !
  7. Nice bags :biggrin: I love your summer shopping bag!
  8. I think that is the strangest bag that I have: it is made out of mango juice cartons :amuse:
  9. I love your B-bag!
  10. Cute bags! The balenciaga is my favorite.
  11. nice collection! Your evening bags are gorgeous
  12. Cute paddy!!!
  13. Cute and eclectic collection!
  14. Thanks everybody :biggrin:
  15. bally does things of great quality, good choice!!