Spys on Ebay

  1. hey everyone i was wondering if any of you buy your spy's off eBay?
    i was surfing eBay the other day and i noticed that a lot of them are REALLY cheap (under 500CAD) and i was really sketched out by the prices just because spys usually retail for ~1500 USD

    Any comments/insight? :wtf:
  2. These are usually fakes at that price. I do buy a lot of my spys of eBay but know the authentic ones.
  3. Like Saich, I would advise you to limit your search to above $1000. When you find one, post in the Authenticate thread and one of the gurus can help you determine if it's indeed real. I try not to buy anything off Ebay without first going thru the Auth threads - those are a real help!
  4. Ebay is a great place to buy them but you just need to be really careful. Ones that low in price are most definately fake which is why this site is so good as there are many experts on here to guide you.

    Good luck on your hunt
  5. Definitely dont buy Spys at cheap prices on ebay it is full of fakes. make sure that you buy from a seller with good feedback & plenty of it. Good luck :smile:
    Remember if it's too good to be true it usually is :smile:
  6. I got my chocolate Spy on eBay. With shipping it was just over $900. Of course, it was preloved and it did have a small burn mark on it (which I have since doctored and you can barely see). Just be VERY careful. I had it authenticated on this board before I purchased it.
  7. HI. I purchased my chocolate brown Spy on ebay brand new, from a well known reputable seller for $1500, which is far below retail, but certainly not cheap. Any of the bags claiming to be authentic and priced at, say, $500 are only one thing - Fake. The authenticate this thread has been a lifesaver - I agree with pyrexia - search for those over $1000, which will eliminate many of the fakes, and post in the thread so the experts can help :smile: Good luck in your search!!

  8. I got both of my spys from ebay. It's possible to get one for less than a thou, but do your research! There are reputable sellers who you might be able to get one for $750 and up. There's a seller, pinchrosemary, who starts out very low, like about $300, but by the end of the sale, it usually gets up to $700 or more which ain't bad for a spy. Even if you do see it for a great price like that, be sure to read over the description very carefully! Don't just go by the pictures. Sometimes in the description, they'll tell you if the bag has any flaws. Good luck.