Spys on E-Bay

  1. Hi, I am new to the forum and I was wondering if any of you girls bought spys on e-bay? I am interested and I don't know what to look out for. I know the balenciaga bags in and out, however I know nothing about spys..I only know they are beautiful.

    If any of you have helpful hints for me to look out for I would appreciate it. I know when the price is too good, something is fishy most often.
  2. You have to be really careful with ebay. Your best bet would be to post the ebay link in the "Authenticate This" thread - good luck to you!
  3. Thank you Pelinaka. Do you know of any online stores besides eluxury.com that sells them?
  4. eeyore,
    you should also check out my site:
    Handbags: Deals and Steals
    I used to regularly check/respond to the Fendi "authenticate this" thread, but got bogged down by authenticating the same fake bags over and over again. So I decided to create a site that posts the best authentic Fendi spy bag deals (amongst other designer handbags) for my fellow tpf'ers to check daily.
  5. thank you so much Greendrv!!!
  6. Ebay is really tricky if you're not really familiar with the products you're intending to purchase. I'd probably stick to the stores until I become a whiz at detecting a fake fendi.
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Everybody is right- ebay is tricky, but I did get (just recently might I add) a black spy from the seller lebagboutique. She worked with me on the price and was soo....... accomodating! Needless to say, my bag is nothing less than fully authentic and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have just bought a 100% authentic Cherry Spy or ebay which is so lovely. Now looking for a Petrol. What I do is go to ebay and only look at bags that are well over $1,000 then check out the seller, see if theirs a receipt. Also talk to the seller. Would only buy from someone who had a lot of feedback over 100. You could also come on here to get it checked out.
  9. Some observations I made when examining authentic Fendi Spy bags at Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth...

    1) The number on the hologram tag began with two letters followed by 5 numbers ALL on the same line next to each other below the hologram tag on the edge that is away from the seam; as opposed to one letter on a line by itself followed by numbers below it on a seperate line like many of the purses on ebay.

    2) The controllato card has a small number below and almost touching the barcode - most ebay fakes only have a number to the right of the barcode; the righting on the barcode is not in plain text english like many fakes on ebay - I think it's Italian language; The controllato card does not have excess clear plastic beyond its border like alot of the fakes on ebay.

    3) All the purses I looked at had only one yellow envelope with one yellow folded card in it; not multiples.

    4) None had a yellow "Fendi" tag hanging from the carry strap.

    Can anybody else shed some light on this and any other things to look for?
  10. Again, the hologram serial number on FIRST SEASON(when spy bags first came out) DO come in 2 rows/lines, as in A (on the top row) and 6 digits number on the bottom row. However, for newer season spies they come in one row/line(2 letters followed by 5 numbers) for example AB12345...or AC12345 and now it already gets to AG.

    Also, all my authentic spy bags come with 2 yellow cards AND envelopes.

    But however, all these stuff can be easily faked :cursing: :cursing: So in my opinion, you have to see the leather on the bag itself to be able to tell if it's authentic or not :yes:
  11. Thanks for the info...I agree, all the characteristics are easily duplicated by fakers :sad: I would love to see the pics of your spy collection, but when I click on the link all I get is a thread with no pictures...In fact, that's what happens with any picture link I click...How come?
  12. Hmm...the pics of my collections are still there actually, probably your computer is down or something wrong with the server by the time you opened it maybe? But it sure is still there, try to click on the link written in pink underneath my signature ;)
  13. Thanks! Clicked on your pink link which tooK me to the newest page of the thread you started with your photos. When I clicked on page 4 which would be the oldest posts to that thread, there were your thumbnail pics....GOSH, your spy collection is to die for! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!!
  14. I guess when you buy on eBay, it also boils down to the repute of the seller, just do your homework, ask for more pics if necessary, and then take the plunge! I own a Cognac Spy and it's such a roomy bag I can never fill it up! Good luck in your search for the perfect Spy :smile: