Spying On Your Kids

  1. How closely do you monitor your kids' computer activity? If you had the technical expertise to log everything they typed, would you do it? At what age will you stop monitoring their computer use, for instance Email, chats, etc?

    Do/will you tell your kids you are monitoring their activity, or is it best to keep it anonymous?

    If you do not have kids yet, but plan to one day, please share your thoughts anyway.
  2. I would monitor their computer activity, and put a lock on certain material, but I doubt I would try to check their email or anything like that. Unless of course you are suspicious about something! lol

    I would also monitor television to make sure they weren't watching anything questionable.

    My kids are gonna hate me!! hahaah
  3. Until age 18. Period! She was my complete 100% responsibility until then. After she turned 18, it was/is her business.

    Yes, I was The Mother From Hell! :devil:
  4. I check her computer every week.....ans she knows it.....and has no prob with it....My opinion is that as long as they are living under your roof...you have a right to look anytime-You can never be TOO careful with your kids.....
  5. I ABSOULTELY POSITIVELY agree Jill! :yes:

    I would let them have alone time on the computer, but with their knowing that we are going to look at what they have viewed. And being that my husband is a systems admin, we will probably have some kind of monitoring program on the computer. You can't trust everyone out there in cyberspace, and those Dateline specials scare the hell out of me.
  6. yikes. this reminds me of something that happend to me when i was younger. LOL kidding...

    but IMO, i would SNEAK and check on them, but if i were to find something i didnt wanan see, i would either keep my mouth shut n keep snooping, or confront thema dn ahve then NOT TRUST ME ANYMORE.

    win or lose sitatuaion.

    My dad has been pretty snooopy and what not, thats why now I can't trust him with my things around.

  7. I use msn explorer so that they can only msg/email people i approve of, we also use net nanny because my son has found ways to get around msn explorer.
  8. I have parental controls on everything!!!! I monitor computer usage very closely and will do so untill they are off to college.
  9. When my children are old enough there will Parental Locks on everything.
    I will not allow certain things, like myspace, unless I know their user names and they know I will monitor it.
    My kids are so young still, but I don't trust other people.

    I'll be watching, to which degree?. . . we'll see as time progresses and I see if I'm able to trust her/them or if I need to be more monitoring.
  10. I don't have kids yet, but I've heard both sides of the story. One side says monitor everything they do on the computer. The other one says that if you insist on doing that, they won't feel like they have a place that's just theirs.

    I don't think you should give them free reign on the computer, but to some kids, their blogs are like their diary entries, so by monitoring everything they do, you're essentially reading their diary.

    I do think it's important to let your kids know what you expect from them when they're on the internet (don't give out real names or addresses . . . ) but if you monitor things 100% of the time, who's to say your kids aren't planting things they'll know you'll read?
  11. My parents have always monitored my computer activity. I have a blog and they know that I have one. If I'm on the computer, and they ask which site I'm on, I tell them. They know pretty much every site I go onto and why. They know who my friends on IM are, who I e-mail most regularly, etc. I don't know if they've checked my computer, but they ask me and I tell them.

    I plan on doing the exact same thing with my kids when I'm older. You can't be too careful when it comes to the internet.
  12. I'll definitely be blocking certain kinds of websites like porn and online casinos, and maybe even things like myspace, IRC chatrooms, and webboards until he's 16.

    And I will certainly let him know what I'm blocking and why, and tell him I'm reviewing the sites he visits on a weekly basis. I'd try to avoid looking at his chatlogs though, although I'll let him know that I consider them fair game. I'm fairly sure he'll be clever enough to learn how to delete his histories, so I'll make sure all of his traffic goes through my machine.
  13. Think goodness my son isn't at that age where he needs to be "spied" on by me yet. But, yes I will be nosey...know what he's doing on the computer, know all his friends that he hangs with, where he's at every minute of the day, etc. I might be too over protective.
  14. I agree! That's what I would do too if I have kids. At this day and age, one never know what kind of crazy stuff is lurking around out there.