SPYCAM from models hair - Chanel 'Barn'way

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  1. For your enjoyment! Model wearing spycam in her hair - shows behind the scenes of the show+ the runway!
  2. Innnnteresting! It wasn't quite as hectic as I thought it would be, or maybe that was because this was the beginning of the show. Loved that glimpse of all the models and what they were supposed to be wearing!
  3. wow that was so cool to see behind the scenes. All I could focus on is how those models have to walk down those narrow, narrow paths...I would get so stressed out & fall. lol. Thanks for sharing, OP!
  4. bfali- - I know, right!! it seems so narrow when she was weaving in and out between the wooden beams (or whatever they were) it was pretty crazy!! I would definitely be so self conscious that i was gonna trip or fall!! :faint:
    Its def so cool to see a more real deal 'behind the scene' - no one is playing it up for the camera or anything. ya know? :yes:
  5. how fun- thanks for sharing
  6. Loved it! Thank you!!
  7. Wow, I really enjoyed watching that video! Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I was nervous watching the spiral staircase part. :P
  8. Wow! The coolest video ever!
  9. Great video,it was almost like I'm her :biggrin: I was so nervous! Thank's for sharing really enjoyed it!
  10. That was too cool! Thanks for posting.

    I know models are supertall, but watching the makeup woman do the touch-ups really emphasized that. Or else she was really short.
  11. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing ;)
  12. I mentioned this clip.. and then we started to ask ourselves.

    - did the model just take it upon herself to stick a spycam in her hair? or did the hairstylist do it?
    - and did King Karl authorize this? or know anything about it?

    inquiring minds want to know! LOL!