Spy VIRGIN no more! Come see my LOW-KEY pretty black bag!

  1. She arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased... although she is much larger than I thought she would be :nuts: :wlae:

    I plan on giving her a good rub-down with Apple Leather Conditioner and I will post "before and after" pics in this thread. :yes:

    Popped my Fendi cherry! :graucho: :jammin: And no, shushopn, I am not cheating on LV and Balenciaga... I have lots of room in my purse wardrobe! ;)


    p1.jpg p2.jpg
  2. Wow Addy! She's a gorgeous bag! Looks like a 2005 spy, isn't it?? Silky smooth leather....I am seriously envious! Congrats :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Fabulous bag! And great condition! Where did you get it?
  4. Sooo pretty, congrats, I want one!
  5. Enjoy wearing it because it is breath taking.
  6. Congrats Addy!!! Enjoy your great bag!!!
  7. Nice! congrats on your first fendi spy! it does look large - probably from a little use. But still lovely - :yahoo:
  8. Congrats on your lovely spy, beautiful

    im waiting for my black spy tooo!!
  10. congrats
  11. Fabulous bag Addy, my love!! I think you might be accumulating your fair share of black bags now;)
  12. Yay....Addy!!! She is gorgeous!! CONGRATS sweetie!;)
  13. Wow congratulations.
  14. ohhh Addy!! She's gorgeous!! :love: congrats on your first spy, I'm sure it won't be your last! :graucho:
  15. Addy she is TDF!!! Congrats!