Spy story

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  1. It wasn't me. The camera shoots by herself. Not me.:nogood:[​IMG]
    Immag184 copy.jpg
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    thanks for the photo. is that a coral giant handle i spy at the lower left of the photo?
  3. With GGH....:yes:
  4. thnx for the pix~
  5. That Coral Day is :drool: I'm such a sucker for reds... thanks for the spy pic!
  6. Thanks for the pics.......the coral? day is yummy!

  7. thank you for sharing!! the new coral is soo beautiful!
  8. Nice spy pics. Thanks.
  9. heheh...thanks for the pic! I love the red! Why is it that red looks the best in the day style ?!!?! I really love the combination!
  10. That coral red is amazinggggly droolworthy :drool:
  11. That Coral Day is such a refreshing color and I would get it if I wasn't so:banned: Thanks for the spy pics, Vida!
  12. Nice job Vida (er, I mean, Vida's independently operated camera) - thanks for sharing!
  13. is that rouille with GGH on the top right corner?? It's HOT HOT HOT.
  14. :ninja:Thanks so much for the covert pic. I love that coral color.
  15. It's another red of SS08, sorry don't remember the name!