Spy - still 'in'?

  1. In New York I see them aplenty in stores but not on arms ...

    What about the 'crossword' line - successful?
  2. I love mine and I think I am in it for life. As for not many people carrying it, that's even better for me. I wouldn't want walking down the street and see someone else has it. That's the same as being caught in the same dress with someone else at a party.
  3. I agree with BTBF -

    here in the rough & tumble Pacific Northwest see a lot of LVs, Chanels, pradas, etc. --eyes pop when you pull out a Fendi Spy! Everyone loves it, & takes note because it is not commonly seen. Plus, it fits the lifestyle here - casual + quality :yahoo:
  4. I think its still in, I don't think its as IT as it used to be, but still a good, quality and stylish bag :heart:
  5. Definately still in, but honestly i think your asking in the wrong place.... we're all biast. hehe.

    They are beautiful bags and everyone comments on them where ever you go.

    I also agree with BTBF, i wouldn't want to have the same as everyone elso, i like to be a little differant.... in a good way :smile:
  6. I asked the same question a coupe of weeks ago..now that I have my spy I'm completely in love (even after I bought another bag afterwards, I still love the spy more) and I don't care if its not in fashion anymore! For me I really had to own it to really appreciate it..seeing it in the stores wasn't enough.
  7. I think it's definitely still an IT bag. I'm always looking out for the new collection.
  8. I agree with everyone. It's a plus that not too many people carry it. Even only select celebrities are seen with it. It is also a sensible bag. Good quality and beautiful to look at. I would carry it whether it was in or not.

    It's the ONLY designer bag that has ever caught my eye! And I get compliments EVERYWHERE I go...mostly by people who have never seen it. So I feel special...like I have something exclusive.

    I think it will be in for a long time, and even be a collector's item one day (some of the limited editions already are).

  9. I so Love my Spy, she's my fav' bag. couldn't live without, seryously.
  10. definitely an IT bag... I deeply love my spy, never live without it.. and anyway, is good and pretty for day and night, isn't it?

    After all, who cares if others don't have it! Girls the world is so amazing coz we're different (actually we should be... errrr), I prefer have a 1000 of fendi spy than 4569 bags all like the others!
  11. I don't care if a bag is hot, If I think it is hot that's enough for me, and I think the spy is one of the hottest bags!!!!
  12. I have a spy that someone gave to me to sell for them, they just don't like it for them, but since I can't list it here does anyone know someplace other than eBay to try to sell this bag? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. i luv the spy, and for me it will be an "it" bag for a very long time..
  14. I see spies in LA all the time. But I'm so glad it's not a "common" bag, because it would feel a whole lot less special when it comes out to play.
  15. It's out. No doubt about it, but it doesn't mean that there is a devout following for such a stunning bag. It doesn't matter that she's not making runway news, what matters is that she's stylish to make a classic. My spies are keepers and I love them absolutely!

    And as far as the crossword line, I don't think it was anywhere near as successful as the Spy or even the B-bag. It still appeals to me, but unfortunately, not enough to fork out the money for it. It'll still be spies for me. ;)