Spy sizes

  1. I've been wanting a Spy for a while now. When I went to Manhattan last month, I went to the Fendi store and Saks Fifth Avenue and looked at the Spys, but there weren't many, and the ones they had on the shelves were huge :shocked:, and they looked laughable on me.

    I was just wondering, how many sizes does the Spy come in? I really like the white lambskin and the Hologram ones, but if they're too big :cry: then I don't think I should get them.
  2. Greendrv is expert at this! but i think there was medium and large in the past. and recently they just have it one size which i think is the medium.....hmmmmm

    Greendrv! oh, Greendrv!!!!!
  3. The traditional spy comes in two sizes: large (which is HUGE: looks like carry-on luggage) and medium (what every normally buys). The large was readily available in SS 05, available for special order in FW 05, and I believe is no longer available.

    The spy also comes in the hobo and satchel (baby) varieties both of which are smaller. However, these two styles don't have the spy compartments.
    Fendi spy satchel honey.jpg Fendi spy hobo.jpg
  4. ^^ That's the medium.
  5. I just ordered this one. I find it very hard nowadays to carry a really big bag. It kills my back!:smile:
  6. chag, i love it! congrats!
  7. The large ones are a little overwhelming. My hologram is large, it definitely makes a statement.
    My others are medium. Either way they are functional.
    The satchel is the smallest actual spy bag that I know of.
  8. the medium one is about the size of my LV Suhali L'Epanoui GM, and i think anything bigger than that would look silly on me
  9. Thanks!! I think it is really quite cute!! I am excited :amuse:
  10. That explains a lot! When I saw the zucca spy ITF, it as a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The black leather one was quite large in comparison.