Spy Size VS Edith Large Size

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  1. hello,
    Does any one know if the Edith large is the same size as the spy Bag?
    I'm really interested in getting the large edith but my SA says it's a way big bag, and that it would be good for travel. Would this be true???
  2. I think the large Edith is quite a bit larger than the Spy. Even the medium Edith is probably going to be larger than the Spy, and the shape is completely different.
  3. ^ I agree. The Edith large is huge! And the medium is larger than the spy.
  4. I agree in terms of if you lay one on top of one another for the medium Edith. I think the Spy can carry a lot more than the medium edith. But in terms or the large Edith and the Spy... The large Edith pretty much dwarfs the Spy.
  5. The large Edith is bigger than the spy bag. It is also more structured. They have approximately the same handle/shoulder drop.
  6. There are some pictures with one of our members holding a large edith if you look in this forum, so that may give you an idea ;) (but the large edith is HUGE)
  7. i finally sal the large edith in whiskey at Saks and i happen to be carrying my spy... and the edith is HUGE. I think i decided on an medium edith. Thanks guys.:biggrin:
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