Spy Report - Fall/Winter LE Bags (NYC)

  1. Let me start by apologizing for not having pics for you. I had a very eager SA following me around with two more hovering in the background.

    As usual, the pictures we've seen do not do the bags justice. They are, in short, amazing.

    Monogram Degrade - Oh. My. Gosh. They had the Griet, the Speedy and the other one whose name escapes me. The Speedy had black handles and the fade of the mono canvas went from lighter at the top to a dark burnt umber at the bottom. The other bags were red/maroon and the fade went to a burnt sienna. They are exactly as they look in the pictures we've seen but with much more warmth and depth.

    Shearling Bags - The only bag from this collection was the Storm. The bag wasn't merely shearling trimmed, but actually lined with shearling -- guaranteed to keep your Razr or iPod nice and toasty. The exterior is a marvelous shiny, almost plush patent-y monogram. These are different, probably not for everybody but certainly worth a look if shearling is your thing.

    Motards - :nuts: just about sums it up.
    • The alligator version of the Biker with the yellow handles was on display and I seriously contemplated a second mortgage for half a minute.
    • The pochette in black was there and it was a slightly larger pochette, very soft and very classy.
    • The folded pouch was also present and again, if this is your type of bag you will not regret wait-listing for it.
    • Finally, the motard biker in marron was in attendance. Marron is not maroon. It is a warm, hazelnut color. The interior is roomy and clearly well thought out. There are side panels that snap to the interior of the bag, giving you lots of compartments to work with. The leather on this one is buttery soft. It is roughly the size of the Riveting.
    If you're waitlisting or thinking of waitlisting for any of these I think you'll be well-pleased by the real thing.

    Happy hunting and if I should have filed this elsewhere, I apologize.

    Yours faithfully,

    The Restricter

    P.S. - If I can supply further details, fire away. I'll answer as best as I can.
  2. Thanks for the update, sounds great!
  3. Great info, thanks!
  4. nice :smile: i will see them tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. Hi Restricter !!! I was waiting all night for your report !!!! I'm really excited now about my mirage.....
    Were any of the Limelight bags there? I will be in NYC on Monday, will these goodies be available for the public to see then? Thanks again for the update....Next time I will have to arm you with a spy necklace !!!!!
  7. thanks for the info!
  8. thanks restricter! the other degrade/mirage bag you're talking about must be the musette! i'm excited for that one to come out! i appreciate your "report".
  9. Thanks for the report!!! :tup:

  10. If the Limelights are the ones that are motard fabric but folded clutch bags, then yes. There was one. It was a rich peachy color and it was fabulous. Sadly, tomorrow is the last day for the bags at 57th and their next appearance is Friday in SoHo. 866-Vuitton could probably tell you their next appearances.

    I was hoping another tPFer would show up and act as a distraction. Next time, I need backup.
  11. ^^^ too bad i couldn't make it tonight, i'll be there tomorrow morning
  12. Ok, vuittonamour....since restricter was being hounded by the SAs, its' your job to get the photos of the mirage and the limelight for me !!!!!! JK... lol.....have a great time, and no drooling !!!!!!!
  13. ^^^^ i'll try my best! my SA called this morning and was like "come see me and we'll go together!" but she's cool so she will prob let me at least take some pics with my phone. it has no flash or anything.
  14. THANK YOU!!!
    I wish I was in NYC!!!
  15. Thanks for the info!!!!! I can't wait for my degrade speedy!! Pardon my ignorance, but what is the shade of umber?