(Spy related) luckiest girl in the world!


Dec 24, 2005
Well, here's the end to my spy bag saga. For those of you who didn't know, my aunt got me the hologram spy for an early b-day present. Three days later the copper part had already started to rub off, so I sent it back to her so she could return it for the cognac. Well, when she went to Fendi today they offered to give her the hologram spy for only $500 and credit the rest back to her. I can't believe it. She's a really hard core lawyer, so I imagine she was pretty assertive. With the remaining credit left over from the hologram spy she went ahead and bought the cognac one for me. So, in the coming week I will be receiving both my original hologram spy and the cognac spy. And here I was thinking that it couldn't get any better after I originally received the hologram spy last Saturday. Wow. So now I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
thats crazy!!!!!!!!! I think the first thing you should do is sell the hologram on ebay and buy another purse!!!! you'll love the cognac! i just got it and i love it!
Wow... that's some hard core negotiation skills your aunt got there!! You ARE the luckiest girl alive!!! Enjoy your double spy!! Your earned it.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
luckiest girl on the planet :shame:
and sweetest aunt ever!! :love:

cOnGrAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :biggrin: !!
and we demand a family photo of both as soon as you get them!!!;)

i should go and purchase a spy!! maybe something will happen and i get one for free!! :lol:

SuLi said:
Can your aunt do all the negotiating for us with SAs?
So the copper was coming off? Hmm....wow that's not good. But your Aunt, amazing! What a negotiator!!

Bonus for you too. Great deal! Are you going to keep the hologram? Is the damage noticeable?
At this point it is just on the top edge around the stitching/seam. No, it doesn't yet make the bag look damaged, but it certainly wasn't something that should happen to a designer bag. I'll take good care of it and hopefully it will be okay. But, if it does get a bit messed up I'll have another spy to console me!
I can't believe they would want you to keep a defective bag; but, I guess you benefitted from their strategy - so congratulations on your double spy-dom. :P

Noriko, haven't you had problems with Fendi bags before, and I know you are a very good client to your SA's...maybe you can find out how to negotiate 2 for 1's for yourself. ;)