spy question

  1. Can this baby be carried over the shoulder? Is she heavy?

    And is there a site she can be purchased online? I'd love to look a little further.

    Thanks and sorry for the zillion questions! I've never been interested in this bag till I saw Saich's collection tonight. OMG TDF....
  2. Hi there - yip they can be carried on the shoulder but I never find mine that comfortable there especially with a jaket on plus I like the look of carrying it in the crook of my arm
  3. I carry her on my shoulder, but I agree with Secret. When I'm wearing a coat, she doesn't look right on the shoulder so I end up carrying her on the forearm.

    I agree Saich's collection is absolutely AMAZING!!!!
  4. it fits comfortably on my shoulders. no problemo!
  5. I was surprised this weekend when I had on my down coat and my spy fit comfortably on my shoulder! Had I worn a coat with shoulder pads, that wouldn't have worked.

    Saich gave ya a nice list of sites ya can get your Fendi from. I've also heard here that Jomashop sells authentics at reasonable prices.

    Happy shopping!
  6. I am Asian so the shoulders are small built too. I find one handle tend to slip down especially if I am wearing a jacket. With thin fabrics, it's fine though. I carry it on my forearm most of the time.