spy question???

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  1. Is the spy bowler the "normal" spy bag - I know that the normal one and the baby look like, but I was wondering if there are others. I am in LOVe w/ the cognac one - if only I could talk DH into it - I just got a tank and the dior double gaucho - so he says no more for a month or two :sad:
  2. No and no. The bowler is not the normal Spy. And the bowler does not look like the normal Spy.

    The bowler doesn't have a Spy compartment and is smaller. It's shaped like... a bowler.

    Here are pics if that helps (source NM.com). Note that the sizes of the bags in the pics are not to scale relative to one another (i.e., the bowler is half as tall as the Spy):
    Fendi bowler Spy.jpg Fendi regular Spy.jpg
  3. I have the baby spy picture in cognac if that helps
  4. i like the baby spy more.. i think its more practical and "good size
  5. I like the honey spy bag ... love them a lot
  6. They are both soooo cute!!!!!!!