Spy Question - Which do you prefer?

  1. Hey everyone! So, as the weather starts to get colder :crybaby: I've gone into full denial mode and am already thinking about Spring :lol: . I think I must have one of these bags for when the weather gets nicer, but I can't decide which one. What say you all? Does anyone have either?


    Beaded Canvas:
  2. We're sisters in our Love of the Fendi Spy, so I'm gonna be totally honest with you. I DO NOT like that Raggedy-Ann, embroidered Spy. I really like the beaded Spy.

    Glad I could help, lol!:supacool:
  3. Beaded Spy - most def. :yes:
  4. Another vote for the beaded spy.
  5. I love the beaded spy but would wait to see the new colours they will be bringing out end of December
  6. Beaded too!
  7. The beaded is very pretty!
  8. Beaded for me too!:yes:
  9. Definitely Beaded :biggrin:
  10. I hate to be such a sourpuss, but unless you have other leather spy bags, I wouldn't buy either of these. If it's your first spy, buy a leather.

    But if you have other spys and are really only considering these two, then I'm going to be a contrarian sourpuss again and vote for the raggedy ann embroidered one. I'm not feeling the beaded one. The embroidered one is obnoxious, but in a good way:flowers: . It's more interesting and I like the colors more. I don't much care for big swatches of canvas. But that's just me.
  11. I've only seen the beaded one IRL, but it was gorgeous:love:
  12. Ohhhhh- beaded, beaded, beaded- how spectacular!!!!:P
  13. Wow, I'm getting the exact opposite response of what I expected! I thought the embroidered would be more popular because I've seen it more (and by "more" I mean *twice* vs. never having seen the beaded one in action:lol:). I was slightly partial to the embroidered one, but I feel there is definitely *something* about this beaded one that the pic just isn't capturing and it's probably fab IRL. Hhhhmmmmm.....
  14. True, but that will be BF's Christmas present project...I want one now!! :hysteric:
    LOL!! :biggrin:
  15. This would be my second. I have the fortuny leather/hologram spy. I'm still a new collector, but I'm drawn to nonconventional stuff, funky colors and accents. I don't carry a bag on a daily basis anyway, so I don't tend to look for practicality, lol. While I certainly appreciate the fabulous quality of most of the solid leather bags, few of them really speak to me, even IRL.