Spy Platform Sandal

  1. This should probably go in the Glass Slipper forum, but I figured I'd have better luck in here...anybody got these babies? If so, do they run true to size? Are they stable to walk in? I first got a gander at them this morning, and I'm just mad, mad, mad about them...what do you guys think?

    "Fendi Spy Platform Sandal" $605.00


    Photo from Neiman Marcus Online
  2. oh I want a pair!!!! are they only in the US just now? They so match my new chocco spy!
  3. They look great! From the looks of them I bet they are pretty comfortable.
  4. They are HOT.
  5. yum yum
    they are hot shoes :biggrin:
  6. What a great-looking sandal!
  7. Gorgeous! Great heel & look sturdy--like I could actually walk in them!
  8. Very cute!!! Love it.
  9. HOT!! I love em!