Spy pics of sky blue 08 work RH and GSH

  1. Here are two spy pictures of the fabulous 08 sky blue. Took them at the printemps haussmann shop this morning, the color of the GSH one is more accurate, the RH one looks lighter than the real color because of the lighting. They are really gorgeous, even if the leather looked a bit dry.
    And i confirm that the new 08 work handles are longer, i compared with my 06 truffle that i had on me and they are longer, not as long as the new woman weekenders handles though. Enjoy these two beauties.... can't wait for the day model to come out!
    IMG_1953.JPG IMG_1954.JPG
  2. Many thanks delmilano!!

    I love the sky blue with the SGH
  3. Beautiful! Thank you for posting. I am really liking Sky Blue RH at the moment. This is bad, I am already getting a Pale Magenta, wanting an EB, amongst other Bbag accessories!! I never even thought twice about getting Sky Blue before.
  4. I saw a sky blue rh city and sgh work here yesterday, it's a really vibrant, gorgeous color, not pastel-y but quite strong, like the summer sky! However, I didn't like the leather. Very veiny and distressed and quite dry, and a bit lighter around the edges...
  5. bern, jo_ee, you are welcome. i planned to wait for the turquoise day which will be available around march and now i feel that i'll fall for a sky blue day, told the shop to call me when they get it.
    i saw the sky blue for the first time a week ago and i found it beautiful.
    but this morning, i found this color stunning, loved it more and more !!! this is real addiction because i just bought a vert foncé weekender for x mas. :smile:
  6. Thanks for the pics! It is a pretty color....IMHO not as vibrant and bright looking as the original sky blue!
  7. south of france, i agree with you that the leather looked very veiny and dry. but i think the day will be more smooshy and yummy, well, i hope. if it's not, that'll make me wait for the turquoise as planned.
    i found the vert thym GSH GGH and pale magenta GGH GSH very veiny and dry too. is all the leather of this season like this ??? i hope not
  8. Thanks for the spy pics!:tup:

    Is it just me, or does it look like the Blue Glacier?
  9. Thank you so much for posting. :drool:Now we need you to find the EB and do a spy pic on that one.:p
  10. Fantastic spy pics!!:nuts: Thanks for sharing!! I may need to add that one to my list after all... :sweatdrop:
  11. great spy pics! pretty just not for me. Im sure some girls here will be happy with the colour!
  12. tooshies--- it has more blue than the blue glacier which is more in the grey tone. it's closer to teal i think but more pastel feeling.
    Nanaz----i'll try to take some pics of the EB when it'll arrive at the B shop.
    pinkchristie22--- the first time i saw it i thought so too, but the second time i saw this color, i fell in love.
    ladybugfreckle----i have added this color on my wishlist too. not good for the budget... so many beautiful colors. but i'll see if the day's leather is dry or not. if it's dry and veiny, that can help me wait for the turquoise. :smile:

  13. i was thinking that too. since i have a blue glacier, it's too close for my to get a sky blue too. at least, for me it is. ;)
  14. I like it! I'm a little concerned about some talk on how 'dry' the '08 leather is though...
  15. thanks for spy pictures!! so glad the new work handles are longer. :smile: