Spy pics of double flap on jumbo & maxi

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  1. maxi






  2. Thanks for the pics, NYC! I still prefer the single flap.:Push:
  3. oooo thanks for sharing. i love the brown color :smile: but not a fan of double flap. i realized that when considering 227 the other day... too much work to get to what's in my bag, especially for jumbo/maxi size... vs smaller... gorgy photos tho! trunk show?? or currently available? i do like the edge of patent more that way which is how it is with double flap but is it a very squishy feeling bag? like patent feels thin??
  4. agreed Amj! but still it doesnt look as bad as i really thought it would :smile:
  5. This really is spy pic, thanks so much for the pictures NYCavalier!
  6. OMG! I love that color (maxi)... if that will come out in Jumbo.. i am breaking my ban for it. pls share color code! thanks nyc!
  7. Thanks for sharing nycav, how is the weight issue, does it add any? Love the brown flap too, the color is growing on me!
  8. THanks for sharing the picture, NYC! :ty: How do you like the double flap?

    I LOVE that brown flap, the color is gorgeous.
  9. i think it looks more expensive now with the doubble flap
  10. :yahoo:
    Thank you sooooooo much for sharing!
    finally we get to see what the fuss is about..
    Any issue with the weight of the bag??
    would love to know as l'm very much undecided between single or double flap maxi caviar
  11. It's not bad. I love the brown maxi.

    do u happen to know the color code?
  12. #12 Oct 14, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2010
    ^^I agree, it's not so bad on the maxi...was it heavier? What is the price point on it? However, the jumbo looks smaller...less roomy. Thanks for posting these pics NY!!
  13. Welcome ladies!

    me too :yes:

    Saks trunk show ;) Kinda squishy.. just like the patents that are out right now

    I did not really notice a weight difference, but I did not have a flap with me to compare on the spot... I was carrying my PS1 :whiteflag:

    Yes, the brown is gorrrgeous. I LOVED the navy too actually. I am not crazy about the double flaps, I am sooo glad I built a healthy collection of single flaped jumbo and maxis already. But if a color came out that I HAD TO HAVE, i would buy a double flap jumbo or maxi, but I prefer single flap :smile:

    No, I do not know the color code, sorry :flowers:
  14. I believe double flap jumbo is 3700 and maxi is 4000 :wtf: (disgusting to me!)
  15. Thanks for latest update on Maxi and Jumbo !