SPY PICS- NM Tyson's Corner

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  1. I was able to stop by the store a bit today and took my first spy pics ever! They had two GORGEOUS vermillion cities. One in rh and one with gsh. If I was not already getting a tomato city I would be hooked. It is a red with yellow undertones (as opposed to tomato which has blue undertones), and it is tdf. It is not orangy at all.

    There was a buton d'or first. Someone was looking for one recently, but I have not found the post yet. They also have some gorgeous turquoise including a city with rh and a part time with ggh which are both calling my name...

    I am sorry they are sideways, Iphoto is acting up so I can't rotate the.


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  2. Thanks so much!! Great pics and that coral is gorgeous!
  3. I was there yesterday! There was a black day with GSH and it was gorgeous with the most amazing leather. Oh if I wasn't on a major purse ban..i would've totally scooped it up.

    thanks for the spy pics by the way.
  4. Let me rotate those photos for you.... BTW, is the red City is Coral SGH? It is gorgeous!




  5. Spy club is enlarging...ehehe...lovely pics!
    But....but oh god...HOW DO THEY STORE THE BAGS? :crybaby: Poor little princesses...so tight one to the other..sigh...every single bag need its space to live in!!!
  6. Thanks Handbag Angel! Yes, the red is the coral. I am going to have to get a cp is this color.
  7. Thanks.
  8. I wonder what color that weekender is under the turq bags? I can't tell but the leather looks gorgeous.
  9. Yup, that City looks like Coral.

    ...and is that a Jaune Day hiding behind that GSH black day? :nuts:

    Thanks for the spy pics, ronsdiva!
  10. ooooo thank you for posting!
  11. When did they move the bbags over near the LV boutique? (and then where are the Marc Jacobs bags?) God, i really need to visit more often, i've been neglecting my bbag duties :OP
  12. Gorgeous Pics! Thanks for posting. What is the yellow under the coral? A messenger?

  13. ITA!! that was my first thought!

    thanks for the pics, ronsdiva!

  14. it's a blue glacier ggh ;)
  15. Thanks for posting ronsdiva :flowers: That coral'ish color is TDF!

    Unless a rouge theatre weekender knocks me on the head I'm on a ban though. LOL!

    I was bbbaaddd last month.. sigh.