spy pic of the new jewelry that was released yesterday:


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Aug 13, 2011
constant state of wanting sparkle
it's blurry because i still have the plastic on the camera part of my new phone! haven't got around the invisishield kiosk yet! i only had a moment because the security guard was behind me and the SA was coming back but heres a pic of the ring, if I have time to stop by again tomorrow I will take more pics because I know that some stores don't have all the jewelry yet, the store that I got my wallet only had one sarah in amarante and didn't even get the jewelry yet!

The bracelet is a snap bracelet that clicks, its great for people who have smaller wrists and can't wear the bigger bangles without it being uncomfortable. its beautiful, the red is like a lucite lacquer or a high density plastic. the gold hardware is nice and shiny. The earrings are made of the same red material, in the shape of the heart with a little key hole lock in the midddle, it dangles. The necklace is a bigger heart. Hope this helps!!!