spy pic of 08 purple reissue!!

  1. ok ladies~ i got a spy pic a few days ago of the ss08 lookbook :nuts:

    sorry it's not very clear but i used my cell phone and the lighting in the store didn't help but here's the best shot i took of the long awaited violet reissue :drool:

    i cannot wait to get this bag!!! i found out i'm NUMBER ONE on the waitlist! :yahoo: :wlae::graucho:
  2. i forgot to mention, i saw pics of the green as well and it's a forest green, very pretty, kind of like the green of the bubble quilted bags from this year but more distressed, the red is like a wine red....all of them have a distressed look
  3. in spite of the blurry pics, the bag looks really yummy!:drool:

    do post pics when you get yours.
  4. ahhh wine red? i would love to have it! do you think i scan make it in time for the waitlist for the one in 226 in wine red metallic? oh my, would love to own a metallic bag LOL since i have none!
  5. ladydeluxe you never know! they haven't had their trunk shows yet so start calling ALL boutiques if you don't have an SA that you always do business with
  6. fashionispoison,

    thanks for the pic! :smile: did you see the lookbook at the boutiques or a dept store? I went to Chanel 2 days ago, and they told me the lookbook was not out yet, maybe I should go a store like yours... thanks
  7. ^ fashionispoison: PM me yours if you can?? TIA!!
  8. Me too, please? I promise not to be a pest. :smile:
  9. ^ lol!
  10. wow!! that bag is GORGEOUS!!!! when is it supposed to come out?
  11. Oh YAY!!! It's definitely purple.:yahoo:
  12. trunk show for ss08 is going to be around the beginning of february

    ladyluxe & spirals ok PMing you :p
  13. OMG, even if it is a blurry picture, it still looks gorgeous :wtf:
  14. Even blurry it looks nice. I was sort of starting to think it was going to be too dark in color, and that I wasn't going to love it, I kept hearing conflicting stories from SA's about the shade of this color, then in the look book the swatch picture made it looks so dark, but to see this picture, I LOVE IT!
  15. This may be a dumb question, but are all the reissues lambskin? And, the red is metallic red?? Oh my, I will have to get my first reissue if it is caviar!