Spy: Petrol vs Navy!!

  1. Navy spy or petrol spy: I need your help!!! Opinions please....
  2. I've never seen a navy Spy. Do you mean blueberry? It's a little lighter than navy. Both blueberry and petrol are gorgeous.
  3. Yep, pretty sure it's blueberry! And it's gorgeous :tup: I love how the color is so rich, whereas the petrol may look a bit washed out... Both are gorgeous, but I'm going with Blueberry :love:
  4. both petrol and blueberry spies are yummy...:p
  5. They are both so gorgeous and really quite different in my opinion... if I could have one, I would pick petrol because I tend to like the really unique colors. But I sure wouldn't say no to a blueberry!

    I'm not very helpful, am I?:p
  6. I have baby spies in petrol & blueberry -- I couldn't decide :nuts:! But now after much pondering, I would say Petrol is my favorite. I like the blueberry but it is more uniform in color, but petrol has variations in color depth and is more dramatic...just my 2 cents...:push: I do like how blueberry changes color in the sun. It goes from navy to purple...that is pretty unique.

    Petrol is a discontinued color BTW, so they only show up as old stock or resale preowned.
  7. I actually haven't see the petrol in real life. It's on my list of things to do before I die... Hehe. Anyway I reckon the navy/blueberry will become popular if it gets discontinued as well. I think it is a SS 2007 colour. From what I have seen in pics, I think I could grow to love the petrol as well, but as baglady said, it'll be harder to find them. Esp in new condition. It's possible, but you have to be patient.
  8. I personally prefer blueberry just because it does match more especially if you wear denim. All depends on your wardrobe, how many bags in which colors you already have etc.
  9. I like both but haven't seen the petrol. I have the blueberry and I love it. It IS more "normal" than the petrol (not as bright and eye-catching) but that doesn't mean its boring. The color does vary in lighting and looks great!
  10. Here's some blueberry in different lighting
    spy 023.jpg nee 045.jpg nee 042.jpg nee 013.jpg 2976.jpg
  11. And here's some petrol:

    **Pics belong to a member of tpf..forgot who's sorry!:sad:
    MeandmyPetrolspy2.jpg MeandmyPetrolspy3.jpg
  12. Knee HI!

    OMG!! :drool::drool::drool::drool:

    they are both so much more stunning on regular spy!! :tup:
  13. They are both so beautiful and rich, but I think the Petrol has a tendency to wear more into a great "vintage-y" look. I'd love to have one!
  14. Petrol!!! I love PETROL! Blueberry is quite nice also, but petrol is one of the all-time best colors for the Spy!