Spy owners: problem with latch?

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  1. Hello-
    I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the latch on the mirrored tube on their spy bag. My hologram one shuts pretty tight, but the one on my cognac bag won't stay closed, so it's always just hanging open. It really bothers me. I tried to tighten it with a small screwdriver, but it didn't help. I've already had one spy return, and the nearest boutique is 6 hours away, so I don't think I'm in the mood to deal with it.
  2. Oh no! :amazed: Sorry to hear that.....I have two Spy Bags (cognac & black) so far so good. To tell you the truth, I was alittle worried about that exact thing happening when I first saw the bags.
  3. MandB, mine's ok. I read on TFS that one member who had this problem got hers fixed by a shoe/bag repair guy...hope this helps.
  4. I have the same problem with the latch on my black spy and it really irritates me. Supposedly you can get it completely sealed and it will never open again! I've just left mine alone! I guess I have a love and hate relationship with the bag.
  5. Maybe you could ship it to Fendi and have them repair it. When I had a spy they said even if something went wrong within a year or more they'd fix it for free.
  6. I recall a tfs'er used an eyeglass repair kit to fix the problem with the latch herself.
  7. Good to know! Hope this doesn't happen to mine:sad: