Spy Owners, help me decide!

  1. I find myself lurking on NM and Sak's sites to look at the black leather Spy bag. How does the color hold up on the wear spots such as corners, handles, etc?? What do you love/hate about the Spy and does it easily stay on you shoulder when carrying it? TIA!
  2. I have the Tribal Spy and the Zucca w/tortuga Spy. Neither stay on my shoulder. It is not designed to be a shoulder bag, but it depends on your size. If you are a smaller person, it will most likely work on your shoulder. I am not.

    I tend to baby my expensive bags, so they do wear well. I always spray with AppleGarde. Are you only considering the black? I'd love a Blueberry Spy :angel:
  3. I agree with jburgh on the shoulder issue. I am 5'2" and the bag is big enough for me to carry on my shoulder comfortably without any issues. However I can see that if you are taller this might not work.
    I JUST got my dark brown Spy about a month ago, and I am not using it as an everyday bag--I rotate it (I am usually an LV gal, but HAD to get the Spy--too beautiful for words!). But I would be careful using the bag daily since the leather is soft and supple and therefore is not meant to be too roughed up (JMHO).
    I don't have any 'hates' on the Spy right now. I love how the inside is huuuuge, and I love how I can have the option of using it as a shoulder bag. However it is comfortable enough to carry in the crook of your arm or in your hand since the woven leather is a dream to hold.
    Most of all I LOVE the leather smell. Soooo luxe!
    My rec would be to get the black leather spy, or the dark brown like I did. So beautiful IRL. Holds everything!
  4. I consider my spy bag "show stoppers"...always get complements! They are a bit more of a chore getting in & out of than other handbags, but that adds to the drama & attention they get...so cool! :p
  5. I'm not buying bags now, and have mostly LV's, but am lurking here because I think my next bag next year is going to be a spy. They are awesome, although never seen one in real life... would also die for blueberry... but, maybe by next year another great color will be out. It's tempting to do eBay, but I think I'll have to opt for new from Neiman's... oh boy! Spy's rule.
  6. V - check out jomashop also, right now they have an awesome sale that will not last! :nuts:
    BTW -- Love your MC NOE!!:tup:
  7. I am 5ft 4" and wear my spys on my shoulder, they fit fine. It depends what you are wearing, if you wear a thick coat then they are not so good on the shoulder but a T-shirt or light jumper fine.

    I very rarely use my spys, as they are like babies to me....lol so do not have a wear issue. Would agree with Baglady, these bags are real "showstoppers" I get so many compliments when mine do go out for an outting
  8. Thanks Sweetie! Did check out Jomashop yesterday.... v-e-r-y cool! My mc noe was my dream bag....adore her,,,, now, blueberry spy is...my dream.... YAY!:yes::heart:
  9. Veronika - I came this close to a blueberry Spy. It was on Bluefly, as I was placing my order, I lost connection to the server. Then it showed up as unavailable. Turns out it never was available and they they needed to clean-up their web offerings. :crybaby: I'l let you know if I see another. The color is TDF with purplish undertones! :drool:
  10. I prefer colors like blueberry, petrol or metallic colors for the spy bag. My spy rest quite comfy on the shoulders too.
  11. Thanks guys, I actually want the Cognac the most but I REALLY do not need another brown bag! Black though....I definitely need a black bag.
  12. I am in the same boat! I had been wavering between Prada and Fendi, then between baby spy and regular spy, finally went to Neiman's and decided regular spy is what I want. (I am 4'10" so it looks huge but it's so beautiful!!) Now I'm trying to decide if I wear more black or brown. Decisions, decisions...Keep us posted on what you decide Kristie!!! :smile:
  13. It's funny because men compliment me more on my Spy than women.
  14. Get the spy, you won't be sorry. It's just a fantastic bag. I'm 5'8" and it carries fine on my shoulders normally, even with a leather jacket. Good luck and remember to post pics! :heart: