Spy or Gaucho???

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  1. Well, I have the spy in cognac and I haven't used it yet. I'm 5'2" and someone put a thought in my head that it could be too big on me. Now, I'm having thoughts of returning it and going for the gaucho. I wanted a spy so bad and now I can't get it out of my head that it's too big. Am I losing it? :lol: Should I return it and get the gaucho?
  2. In this case I think you have to go with what you think. Maybe the person who said it may be too big doesn't like bigger bags? I'm 5'1 and I carry big bags sometimes and I don't look odd carrying them ie, the bag looks too big on me. It all depends on your own personal opinion.
  3. Edsbgrl is right. It's how you feel and look that is going to influence you the most. You must be having second thoughts. You should go and try the gaucho before you get rid of the spy. You might not like it IRL and then you'd be mad because you got rid of the spy.
  4. I agree, go try on the Gaucho before making any definite decisions.
  5. i love the spy bag, although it's really huge. isn't there something like a medium spy?
  6. Spy, definately the spy. Something about the Gaucho just doesn't do it for me. And hey, carrying a big bag instantly makes you look smaller, including slimmer so that's not always a bad thing. ;)
  7. I think the Spys are lovable! If you really like it you should keep it regardless too big or whatever!
  8. Thanks girls! I used my spy today and I love it. I'm glad that I decided to keep it. I went into Dior and fell in love with the brown gaucho. I guess I'll be doing some selling on eBay!!
  9. good choice :idea:
  10. Yey! Glad you kept it.
  11. I saw a black chloe bag today (no padlock) so gorgeous - I think I'll have to sell one of my gems on ebay if I want to buy it - It's such an ongoing problem - I am always in a dither over it. Nobody on ebay evem believes you have a real bag!!.