Spy or baby spy?! HELP!

  1. Ok, so I came to the conclusion it will definately be a Zucca. BUT, I'm torn between the spy & the baby spy! This will be my first Fendi purchase. I'm excited but confused! I know that sounds stupid because I don't know which bag to get. I want them BOTH! (BUt can only get one right now)
    I will definately go through Jomashop & pray all goes well!

    So, I just want everyones opinions. Is there that much of a difference size wise between the 2? What do you like about them? The main things I carry are just my wallet, small makeup pouch, cell phone, keys.
    I have a baby but wouldn't dream of using that as a baby bag, lol. Although I could occasionally throw a bib in there!

    Price wise, it doesn't matter to me. I was thinking to go for the baby spy then save and get the black or camel colored spy a few months from now.

    What would you do!? Thanks!! :s
  2. i would go for the spy. it's such a classic bag. the coin purse and the tube is just too cool to pass.
  3. Thanks Nancypants!!! :smile:

    I couldn't wait any longer so I just ordered the Zucca Spy from Jomashop over the phone just now!!! I can't wait to see it, I'm so excited!!!!! :yahoo:

  4. You are hilarious!!! You have about as much patience as me. ;) I can't wait to see your spy! I saw another zucca on here that was purchased from Jomashop and it looked so yummy bubbly delicious. :drool: Good luck; I'm sending you the lightning fast shipping vibe! :graucho:
  5. Can't wait to see your new baby!
  6. Good choice, this is one lovely spy. I love the handles on this sooooooo stunning. Cannot wait to see it.
  7. Spy! Spy! Spy!!!! I definitely recommend the spy over the baby in this style! I agree with Saich, the handles on this baby are so DIVINE!!! Please post pictures when you get it. ;)
  8. Great choice! Can't wait to see the pics.
  9. The baby spy is adorable but if you prefer something more mature and chic.