Spy on bluefly

  1. [​IMG]
    doesn't look that great and w/ bluefly's reputation....:Push:
  2. I lost faith in Bluefly, I ordered a few things from them and ended up returning both orders because they were either damaged or the wrong item was sent! Then there was the B-bags incident......no Bluefly for me!
  3. I was one that purchased a FAKE Balenciaga from Bluefly and of course, returned it. I thought I 'd give them a second chance and recently purchased a Fendi Spy Zucca. When I received it, it appeared to be very authentic and the leather had that insanely amazing smell, but it had two of the same care cards and a dust bag that was made for shoes. When I called they said that the vendor does not send dust bags with the bags, they purchase them on their own. Needless to say, I sent it back. Bluefly has really lost its good rep!:s
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