Spy Of Sufferness

  1. Hiiiiiiiiii All ...

    i know many of you wont be able to remember my thread back in Feb, when i was looking for a petrol spy ... here's the link to refresh ur minds and for those who werent here or didnt read it ..

    anyway .. after calling several boutiques in europe, all told me that its out of stock and i cant special order it Cuz the material wasnt available anymore... i gave up and decided to purchase the hologram from London .. BUT Suddddddddenly .. i thought of contacting Paris as my last TRY.. and guess what? there were 3 PETROL Spy's in their latest shipment.. one was already bought and 2 were left .. i was :weird: :nuts: am i dreaming? the SA was sooooo sweet and helpful.. he told me that he's gonna keep it for me for a couple of days ... up till here everything was fine till i asked him to give me the boutique's fax number to send them my order + CC # .. and guess what :cry: he told me that they cant ship the bag (SPY) due to its scarcity, i have to send some1 from Paris to buy it and ship it 4 me... OMG .. what can i do ? i know no one in Paris to do so 4 me ..... :weird: Yes i figured it out and took the risk ... i knew a veeeeery sweet SA from other Brand that i thought would help me ( i know u would wonder how come am gonna trust her?) i do .. she's sooo honest and helpful, been doing with her transactions with her own boutique for years ....and she never let me down ... i phoned her and asked her if she can do so 4 me? she said Definitely i will .. just give me detailz .. i did .. she went to the boutque and confirmed the booking *it was sunday* .. and on Mon she received the $$ Via western Union.. went and bought the bag 4me:idea: .. wait much more to come ..
    the bag was bought on 13/2 and sent on 2/3 .. why? she was soo sweet ,, she went and searched all over Paris for the lowest shipping cost because its a bit expensive over there to ship items to my area.. so can u imagine me waiting for all this time just to ship the bag? Oh the best part is coming..

    my sweet friend told me that the shipping would last for between 5 days to 1 week MAXIMUM ... as she was informed ,, i waited... waited waited waited waited and waited ... nothing appeared ... i've been checking my mail box each day in a hope to find a paper informing that i'd recevied a package .. yet nothing appeared .. i contacted her . . she was surprised .. callled the shipping company 100 times ... but they were useless and Cold-Blooded .. went there and shouted .. also same thing .. they even gave her wrong tracking # ... can u imagine me? since 13/2 ? now we're in March? honestly i lost the hope and belived the bag was either lost? stolen? damaged? i had 10000 thoughts and for sure i was dreaming of it non stoply ...
    my poooooooor friend . . kept on calling me and checking with me .. i was hope-less that the bag would show up .. i even hated the SPy's and didnt had the nerve to entre spy-related threads .. reallllllllly ..am serious ... i had very bad days ... i know i may seem silllllllllllly but that bag was wanted soooooooooooooooooooooo badly by me and looked what happened? ...

    April came .. days are passing..nothing appearing ,, shipping company says that the backage is in my city and the delay is from my home-post ... i knew it was stolen or lost or sent to another location ..

    last Wednesday 19/4/2006.. i was coming back from Uni .. thought of checking my mail box .. i walked toward it..with the key in my hand .. my heart, tongue, soul, each entity in me praying soooooo hard with Full Faith in God that i would find the info-paper of my package ..

    AND YES YES YES YES YES YES .. I SAW IT AND DIDNT BELIEVE MY EYEZ... IMAGINE WHAT? I BROKE DOWM AND CRIED LIKE HELL .. WAS SHAKING ( i dont think i would react like so if my love proposed 2 me in a public place :smile: ) ...

    yet few more days to suffer .. went to the main branch of the Post * as it was written* .. it was closed ... went other day .. they said they ONLY hand in packages from 8-2 .. wtf ? friday is OFF .. then it was Saturday 22/4/2006:nuts: i went and paid 100 Euro's *costumes* and brought it home ....the Guyz in the Post were astonihed at its price 1475 euros, they asked me r u nuts 2 get a bag with this value? lool
    one bad thing .. my box was opened for inspection purpose . the bag was slighty affected ...yet it was OK with me since i saw it and TOUCHED IT .. ITS REAL .. MY SPY ARRIVED AFTER BEING IN THE SHIPPING PROCESS since 2/3/2006 up till i took it 22/4 ... i love it and soooooooooo willlllllling to create a SPy family..

    i know this is toooooooooooooooooooo long ..but wanted to share it with you since ur know how does it feeel to lose a bag :nuts: and re own it on suddenly :nuts: ....

    sorrrrrry for the Pic's Quality .. taken Via Mobile:idea:

    Thaaaaaaaanx for reading my thread .. plzz share the joy with me =)
  2. i dont know whats wrong .. i cant upload the Pic:sad2:
  3. WOW! COngrats...I felt the pain with you!! LOL!
  4. Jill .. thaaaaank u sweet heart .. it was hell of Pain and sufferness .. BUT its HERE HERE HERE .... :biggrin:
  5. at last!!! congrats sweetheart :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. awwwwwwww His Angel ..thaanx ... u'd been in such pain with ur 2.55 as wellllllllll ... we must celebrate :biggrin:
  7. here are your pictures sweety :smile:
    soooooo happy for you wallah!!!
    FINALLLLLLY(1).jpg OMG.jpg
  8. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx 7beeeeebti ....

    so sweeet of u .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ... what a sweet feeeeeeeling ..
  9. I'm sooooo happy it all worked out for you in the end! Enjoy your lovely Spy!
  10. Kat .. thaanx soo much .. so sweeeeet of you .. do u know that i kiss it and hug it non stoply ? LOOOOOL
  11. Whew! I'm so glad you got it! That would be such a major dissapointment if it never ever came!
    I can imagine your surprise! I'll probably jumping up and down "yay-ing" and clapping when my spy arrives, too! :amuse:
  12. OMIGOD!! :amazed: ...what an experience for you! I'm sooo happy for you :cry: makes me want to cry, your Petrol Spy saga has finally come to a very happy ending....yyaaaayyy! May you have a long and happy life with your beloved Petrol Spy Bag!...kiss, kiss on each cheek.
  13. goodness, what an experience! Well you have your beloved spy and I hope you get lots of use out of it. Congrats on a fab purchase!
  14. Congratulations on your Spy!!! The waiting and anxiety before receiving it is half the fun!
  15. Wow! What a story! Lovely bag! Congrats!