Spy (no pun intended) pics of the Petal Spy

  1. A SA called me to let me know that a purple Spy showed up. I thought it was going to be the beaded LE, that Saich was thinking about. So, I took a ride to Nordies with my camera. It wasn't the purple beaded Spy, but the new Petal. Now I have no idea why it was named Petal. I think "petal pink" when I hear that name. It is not pink. It is more of a lilac color...sort of a muted or dusty lilac. I took a couple of pictures and the first one (front view) looks more true to color. Lousy yellowish lighting there. The color is not deeply saturated like the orange.

    Here it is... BTW, price is $2250.00


    petalspy.jpg petalspy1.jpg
  2. I saw this one at the Fendi down in Georgia. It was a pretty color, very feminine, but a little too muted for me. Why Fendi hasn't done a brilliant dark purple yet is beyond me. Maybe like this past season's Balenciaga's violet would be stunning.

    Thanks for the pics. It's still gorgeous!
  3. Thats the same bag I posted a few weeks ago, along with the biscuit, glad its made its way to the US
  4. thanks for sharing. I'm still holding out for a dark purple, maybe for fall 08', one can dream.
  5. I have not seen the biscuit here...yet. We do not have a Fendi boutique in Seattle, so we are limited to Nordstrom. It looks like the orange Spy is already sold out here.
  6. SAICH - did you post a an actual picture of the biscuit spy or was it a picture taken out of the catalogue?

    I not too fond of this purple color though...
  7. I like it. I'm not head-over-heels, but I do like it. Have to see it IRL before rendering decision. Hmmmm.....

    Thanks for the recon, jburgh!
  8. I love the color! It's very feminine!
  9. This is the color I posted about a couple of weeks ago... Bloomingdales in NYC has it.

    I agree it's lovely... but it's just not for me.
  10. JB - Its still a MLFB (My Little Fendi Bag) to me...:nuts: but I am slowly getting fonder of it....thanks for the spy pics...:smile:
  11. Ha! OK, lets compare.... :graucho:




    I think it actually looks better IRL than these pics, but I would prefer something in a dark color, like weekender2 mentioned.

  12. Their are pictures taken of the actual biscuit and Lilac spy on the next page of Fendi - thread called Pictures of Biscuit and Lilac 2008
  13. I think this color is growing on me....just a little!! I still, like many others here, would love Love LOVE a dark rich purple Spy. But I'm not as turned off by this Petal color as I was before. It's nice, but not for me.
  14. IMO, not my cup of tea. I love the Spy in dark, rich colors...