Spy Mission

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  1. I have recently purchased a Spy that is in a poor condition (pretty dirty). I had to as I :heart::heart::heart::heart: the colour way~ too much to give it up :p. And now, I am on a mission to bring it back to life . Anyone with suggestions on how I would go about this one? Proucts or proceedures I should take? Things to be careful of? It's a 2005..... so does it mean I should throw a protective coat on it at the end, and if so, what product:confused1: Please help~


  2. Hey fashion_fever, I was tempted by this one myself!

    You might want to send it to a professional leather repair company. Lovinmybags offers cleaning and color correction for about $75-$125. It might be worth the expense. Good luck and be sure to post before and after pictures when you get it cleaned up.

  3. oooh hope you can get this stunner cleaned up, she could look INCREDIBLE!!!
  4. Sorry I can't offer any help or advice - but I do hope you mange it.
  5. Could you not send it to Fendi for cleaning?
  6. Can't advise too much on removing the dark marks, but as for conditioning and protection, I've been using Apple Care conditioner and rain/stain repellant on all my Chloes, my zucca/nappa Spy and other leathers, including my Chloe Patsy which is white lambskin! This formula is good for light-colored leathers and I believe if you search you'll find lots of Balenciaga owners and others who use Apple Care products too.

    I got mine from here but it's also available at Burlington Coat factory. Make sure you use Apple CARE since I heard that the other Apple formula is harsh.
  7. If I was you would take it to your nearest Fendi store and have them send it away to be cleaned. its a stunning bag and I would not try and clean it myself in case something happen to it.
  8. I don't know about spies yet but I have used lovinmybags's products on the delicate Balenciaga leather bags I have, they worked wonders. They do have a very sweet smell but it dissipates if you let the bag "breathe" for a few days. They clean and condition the leather and you can even bring the shine back. I'm not sure if they would work on spies but there are other lovinmybags products that are not Balenciaga-specific.
  9. Thanks everyone.
    As I live in Australia, where the products and services u guys have mentioned are not readily available, I am finding it hard to decide on what to do still. I thought about sending it in to Fendi for a clean but then that's gonna take forever to get back. And I was hoping to do it myself as I know how detailed I would be with the cleaning cos I absolutely love this bag..... might go seek advise from a professional leather cleaner and ring Fendi tomorrow.
  10. ^I don't know which state you're in but the SA's in Sydney, Fendi The Rocks are absolutely lovely. Tian, CiCi, Racquel, Rebecca are lovely and so patient... and I am sure the rest are as lovely. I have only ever dealt with them over the phone as I am in Melbourne. Good luck!
  11. Ladies,
    I was reading through some of the previous posts about how to take care/clean ur Spy bags. What does everyone think of this:

    1. Use "MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER" on the spot stains.
    2. Apple leather cleaner all over
    3. Apple care conditioner all over
    4. Apple rain and stain repellent
  12. Hi fellow Australian :smile:,
    So what products do u use on ur spy without having to get ur products sent from overseas?
  13. #1. I also saw something about the Mr. Clean eraser... it's pretty harsh so if you try it maybe do so on an inconspicuous place! #2. Never tried the leather cleaner... base your decision on what other tPFers (like LordGuinny) have said.
    As for #3 and #4 - I'm all for it!!! In fact, that's the first thing I do when I get a brand NEW bag.
  14. G'd day mate! (I can say that here, people will look at me funny if I said it on the streets cos I'm obviously Asian! :roflmfao:)

    I won't use anything on it unless I have to. For your bag I would definitely send it off to Fendi and spend whatever you need to to get that bag looking better. In my opinion it is beyond that of a DIY job.

    Though the SA's at the Rocks told me to use Collonil clear leather conditioner. The stuff works wonders apparently. It's German and you should be able to get it at your Mister Minit, or any other place that sells polish etc.
  15. I was thinking abt taking it into Fendi, but my experiences with LV tells me that the jobs they do are not as detailed as when I do it. I m a real perfectionist and dont really want to send it away to Fendi (and not see it for half a year :crybaby:) but then to get it back looking like its simply polished......

    Thanks on the leather conditioner tip though...... will be sure to get one anyways :p