Spy Metallic Silver vs. Gold

  1. Does anyone here own either of these bags? I own the Gold but have been thinking about the Silver on and off. Is it crazy to own 2 of these bags, which have very similar colors?? thanks!
  2. -It's only crazy if you can't afford it, LOL!

    I have the gold and really like it. I don't feel the itch for more than one metallic handbag, that's just me.
  3. No!!! i love all things metallic! it does however depend on your wardrobe and your style.. how often do you use your gold bag?
  4. I own the gold, but I think the silver rocks quite a bit. Something about the contrast between the golden handles and the silver leather that really makes it shine. So, no, I don't think it's crazy. :smile:
  5. I agree! I think both are beautiful but I couldnt work the gold, I love the silver though!:heart: Get it get it!:yes:
  6. - I rarely dress up, mostly jeans and boots, so I have to use my fab bags no matter what! I wear it whenevr I feel like it, I know it's odd, I don't often base my bag on my outfit. I don't work outside the home, and I live in a rural area, so not too many 'outfits' in my closet.
  7. --There is something for everyone, that is what is great about these bags! I personally don't care as much for the big contrast with the gold handles. That's whay I chose the gold. It has enough subtle silver in it to keep me happy.:yes:
  8. I haven't seen the gold but have seen the silver and its really pretty. It goes with a lot too
  9. I don't wear the gold as often as I should (only because I am so afraid of getting it dirty, etc, etc), but when I wear it, I don't ever worry about matching because it goes with everything!! (And I absolutely love the bag!) I've seen the silver and I think it'll go with everything too. I love metallic, but it helps that it's been in recently, so I don't know how long the trend will last... I'm only worrying about that because it's an expensive bag, so I want to make sure its a long term investment :smile:... But the silver does rock... It's kind of between silver and petrol (but I do have the blueberry, so that's another shade of blue!) -- argh, too many choices!
  10. Hello ladies!

    I also own the Gold Fendi spy in nappa leather. It's quite a loud bag with tons of kick, so I am choosy as to what occasions I wear it to in order to maximise impact!

    What's the silver one? Is that with python leather?
  11. I don't think you really need 2 metallic bags, you should wear your gold one more often and enjoy it more. I'm finding that getting rid of some bags and having less of them makes me enjoy the ones I have a lot more, they are become more special.
  12. I think owning the Silver would be ok too~ they're both nice

    I'm owning the Gold one and wonder if those of u who owned the Gold have problem with the gold coloring came off. Now my bag looks half gold/half silver..:crybaby: