Spy Lovers...are the handles comfy?

  1. I'm interested in purchasing a zucca spy from jomashop. But I'm concerned about whether the handle is comfortable to wear on the shoulder. Could you share your opinions about this. I am unable to try one on IRL....it isn't sold where I live. BTW what is the handle drop length.?

  2. The handles are fairly comfortable in spite of the little leather bumps--however, the drop is small, so that wearing it as a shoulder bag is not as comfy as I would prefer, and it's kind of larger than I prefer my hand-held bags. Still, I love the spy so much that I have several of them! Hope this helps. Happy hunting. :smile:
  3. IMO It's not the most comfortable bag to carry...I think the handle drop is about 7" but it does stretch a little over time, if you carry a lot in your bag. It's stylish enough to be worn on the crook of the arm, or hand held! The Zucca Spy has the tortuga handles so they are smoother and probably a little more comfy to wear....good luck, I hope you do indulge in a Spy...WARNING though, they do become addictive, one is never enough!!:yes:
  4. i have the zucca with the totuga handles. they are soft and they're long enough to do over the shoulder. i have no problems with it at all.
  5. Hi, I'm the proud mama of a zucca too. One of the main things that made me fall obsessively in LOVE with the zucca spy are the tortuga handles and piping! Before I actually felt one up in my local Fendi boutique, I thought the handles were gonna be hard. They're firm, but comfy. If I'm not wearin' a coat, I can fit it comfortably on my shoulder. I'll tell ya somethin' else about this bag, photos don't do it justice. If you do decide to get it, once you actually have it in your possession, you are gonna LOVE IT! If interested, you can check out s'more pix of the zucca spy that don't do it justice on the Pics of Your Spy thread. I got some pix of my zucca up there!

    ...And HandbagAddict4Ever is absolutely right! Spys are like Pringles potato chips, once ya pop, ya can't stop!
  6. I think it's not too bad. It's not super duper comfy but neither is it uncomfy.