spy leather smell question

  1. I know it's kind of a strange question! My new cherry corduroy spy arrived from Saks and I just *love* it--it's my first spy and I can't believe the softness of the leather--I just sit there and pet it--my dachshund is so jealous! (It's actually more brown than in the picture but has cherry tones. A beautiful bag, though.)

    Anyway--it smells like a new saddle--very rich, strong leather scent. I actually don't care for it much--it's rather overpowering. It's not a bad scent--very expensive and good leather smell, just not what I was expecting. My problem is this--I have migraine headaches, and I'm very sensitive to scents. I wasn't expecting leather to smell other than my Kooba bag, which I really like the scent of. I may have to return my spy, but I don't want to! But this may be my body telling me this scent is just too strong. What I'm wondering of all you spy veterans--do all the leather Fendis have the same smell? Would the floral/wisteria be the same--I really like the tan one Neiman's has for sale. ::::sigh:::I just may have to break down and buy the black velvet. Oh, life is hard! :lol: :yahoo:

    I don't know what to do! Anyway, I'm just wondering if all the Fendi leather smells the same....it will help me in my decision.

    I'm a spy fanatic now!

  2. My Spy also smelled, but i love the leather smell, i dont think the smell will stay forever, as soon as you start taking it out outside the smell will start to get weaker. Hope you can enjoy your spy and your migraines will get better!!
  3. oh my god, i love the smell of my spy too, but a lot of people complain (especially my sister) every time i use it...it reminds them of raw leather.
  4. I assume it would be like that new car smell and will lessen with use. BTW the color seems completely drool worthy do you have any pics? :drool:
  5. the smell should be less with use. your migrane could be triggered by the glue component rather than just the leather itself. this too should be less with time.
  6. I actually liked that smell of a brand new spy ... but unfortunately it does go away with time. I've had my spy since Jan '06 and that new leather smell is definitely gone ... I miss it!
  7. Ahh, nothing like the smell of a brand new spy bag! But like others said, it does go away after a while. You MUST post pics for us - congrats!!!
  8. QueenBee--love your sig--"I'm addicted--don't help!"
    How long have you had your spy?

    Thank you all for your helpful comments. I might keep my bag after all. I still don't know how to take and post pictures--haven't entered the digital age. I'm not sure if all monitors are the same as far as color...I was expecting more of a solid burgundy color based on the Saks photo...and it's really more of a brown with cherry tones...like brown hair coloring with intense burgundy highlights--more of a Texas A&M maroon! It also has areas where the color is darker and lighter, as you would expect from real leather. And it's *so soft*!!! I'll try to find a way to post pictures. :smile: