Spy Leather Cut!!!

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    i'm so destressed. my beloved baby spy somehow got nicked..it is like a very small cut in the leather...it looks like it was scraped and then one part the leather actually can be lifted up & separated from the bag..it is very small, but i am so worried it will get

    do you think there is anything i can do? I just dont want it to worsen. the leather on my baby spy is so so soft, i feel like that is how it happened, it is more delicate than i thought it would be

  2. Superglue? :push:
  3. Take it to a shoe & purse/luggage repair shop -- they have very special adhesives they use. I am sure they could fix it, but don't wait too long to have it fixed. :yes:
  4. So sorry this has happen, if I was you would take it into Fendi first and see what they say can be done.
  5. Nooooooooo, no superglue. It will damage the leather enormously. A good leather surgeon can repair it. Let me know if you want a recommendation in NYC.
  6. Thanks for the tips everyone :ty:im going to call Fendi tomorrow & I would greatly appreciate the name of a good leather surgeon, YoungBrands :yes: