Spy - Investment piece?

  1. I’ve hesitated buying a Spy for so long since it seemed a little “faddish” initially, but I just saw the Tribal Spy at Nordstrom yesterday and I don’t think I can resist any longer! I just don’t want to drop 2k on a dying style. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm not sure what your expectations are when you say "investment piece". If you are looking to spend $2000 on something that will go up in value, I would recommend you look into more traditional investment tools (ie mutual funds). The degree to which a spy retains its value depends on how well you treat it and how in demand a particular color remains. So far the reaction to the tribal spy hasn't been overwhelming, so I wouldn't expect it to be one of the super-rare, in-demand colors in the future, but I would expect you could get around 50% back, maybe more, selling it on eBay later on if it is in good condition.
  3. Thanks. I wasn't thinking of resale value so much as wanting to avoid looking dated.
  4. The spy is still in style.
  5. I think it's still in style. There is another thread about that already going right now. I don't think it's an "it" bag anymore--at least with celebrities.
  6. I love the tribal spy also. I am just going to keep my fingers crosses that they still have them and they go on sale in Jan or Feb.
  7. There's a baby tribal spy on eBay, FYI. It looks pretty good. I have one and I love it! It had to grow on me, but now I am attached!
  8. what kind of spy you get will depend on the trendiness of it. styles in hollywood change in a minute, so don't decide on what the starlettes are wearing, choose something you know you will wear for times to come. i love the black and camel leathers. they look timeless.
  9. sometimes a bag that starts out as something that seems like it would be trendy, becomes timeless. I think the Spy is in this category. Its kind of the same thing as the Louis Vuitton multicolor line, the Chanel Cambon line - they have become classics. Just because a bag is not traditional or conservative does not mean it is not destined for timelessness. I think you should get one and enjoy! :smile:
  10. I think it's worth the price you pay for them. I have a few spies and I don't regret any of them. :heart:
  11. With my bags, I think about if I have a daughter and passing on my collection to her!!
  12. i think it is smart to wait until a bag is no longer "it". as long as they are still "it" there is always more chance for it to look dated. spy had been around for about 3 years before i decided to get one, and only because i fell in love with one particular colour.

    as many have said before, only get it if you are in love with one. since if you are, it does not really matter if they are considered "dated", it wont look so on you, as you will have the bounce and confidence in carrying it that the bag will look great on you no matter what.