Spy Hologram In Devil Wears Prada!

  1. I was drooling when that bag made a brief appearance!
  2. I bet it's appearance is going to stimulate spy fever all over again :biggrin:
  3. I got so excited when I saw the bag in the movie today because it was the very bag that I carried with me to the theatre!
  4. Wow, who was carrying it?
  5. Emily
  6. I CAN NOT WAIT to see this movie!!!:yes:
  7. Me either!
  8. Eeep! I need to see the movie now!
  9. The purses were droolworthy in that film. Actually, everything (fashion, shoes, jewelry) was!!
  10. damn, now i've gotta drag my boyfriend with me to go see it! hahahhaha. "look honey! there's the spy hologram i had at one point!"
  11. when it will be released?
  12. I saw the spy hologram! It was right before she got hit by a car-yikes is that a bad omen?
  13. Fayden - I still can't believe you sold your hologram spy. It was TDF!!!!
  14. i saw it too! i jumped & was like "LOOK MOM FENDI SPY!!" :lol:
  15. I saw it Friday night with hubby when it opened, and I am planning to go see it again with my neighbors on Tuesday!