Spy Help

  1. Hey girls.

    I am absolutely gutted, as I ordered a Spy off the net, and turns out is fake (the lining and tags on the inside are totally bogus) :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:

    It looks great from the outside- which I guess is what fooled me in the first place.

    Anyway, if ANYONE can give me any info on where to buy an authentic but discounted and cheap fendi spy i would GREATLY appreciate it.

    Cannot afford the actual retail price right now.

    Ang xxx
  2. I'm sorry someone sold you a fake:sad: If you are looking of eBay I'd suggest getting it authenticated here first. Besides that there are several online sites that sell authentic. Jomashop probably has the best deals right now, but of course their selection is limited. What kind of spy do you have in mind?
  3. Thanx hunny

    i was sent the zucca so i would not mind an original zucca or a black spy.
  4. [​IMG]http://www.jomashop.com/fendi-handbag-8br511-rq1-f0gk6.html $1439
    but there are other colors cheaper on there..
  5. jomashop is definitely the best place to hunt for a spy. their price is very fair, less than retail, about the same as some requested price for a very good second hand ones. i have heard good things about the quality of their spies (bubbly leather etc). and my first spy, my first jomashop purchase, is GREAT! it came within a few days and the leather is just excellent!
  6. where on the net did you get that fake one....? if you dont mind me asking...
  7. Thanx ladies I will try that! although im in the UK and dont know what customs is gonn charge.

    ordered it from this wholesaler on eBay
  8. ^Everyone from the UK seems to say that. It must be shocking...
  9. don't they just charge you the VAT rate?

    i shipped it into singapore and they charge me the GST rate of about S$195 (about 65 GBP)

    by the way, you might want to share who this wholesaler is (eBay username etc) just to warn people....