Spy haters

  1. I was on another thread recently and the discussion was "bags that are all the rage that you hate" (or something like that). Anyways, you would not believe how many people hate the spy. I think it is a beautiful bag and was totally surprised. Fendi B bags didn't fair so well either.
  2. Awww, how sad! It definitely is a personal taste as it is with any purse. For instance, I would never spend the money to buy a Tod's bag, but to each her own, I say! :p
  3. That is sad! I think the Spy is the most innovative, fabulous bag ever - completely different than anything else out there!!! I guess that just leaves more Spies for us to buy, or just Saich:roflmfao: (you know I'm just entirely jealous of you and your massive collection :drool: ).
  4. :lol: Aaah, don't worry. Many Spy freaks on this forum started out as rabid Spy-haters! Myself included. I hated them forever! Now I own 3 and will jump on anther 2 or 3 if the right colors pop up.
  5. Adore the spy! Its such an interesting and unique looking bag! Spy leather is also really really beautiful and soft. Down with Spy haters!
  6. I try not to "hate" any bags...to each her own, right? There are some that I don't "get" but I would never say I hate them. The Spy used to be one but if I suddenly came into a pile of money I would probably get one because after viewing so many on this forum, especially Saich2's gorgeous collection, they are starting to grow on me. As it is now if I had an extra 2k lying around (I wish) I would probably buy another Chanel.

  7. Such lovely thoughts thank you madamefifi, have to agree everyone has their own bag "thing", their are certain bags I do not like and cannot understand what all the hype is about LV being one of them. I think once you buy a spy you just want more and more,...I should know...LOL
  8. I think its each to their own - I mean LV for me is the worst and I would never ever go there but I reckon there are tons on LV forum that think Spy - yuck!

    It wouldn't do in life if we were all the same would it!
  9. I would love a Spy .. a Wisteria Spy, actually.:girlsigh:

    I don't own any Fendis yet, but have liked the Chef for a long time and want a Zucca B. Shoulder Bag.

    I think the bag I don't get is the Dior Gaucho, although I love Dior.

    Down with ANY bag hatin'! ;)
  10. I love Spy, most LV and Dior Gaucho.. I think it's like personal preferences..
  11. Actually, the thread is "Bags that are all the rage, but you don't "get". I started that thread when I first joined the forum. I specifically mentioned the Birkin (which I still don't get) and the Bbags.

    Let's just say I now have eleven Bbags. I GET IT!!!!

    I also never "got" the spy bags until I saw the green/gold hologram spy bag and fell in love:love: with the spy. Trust me, just go for what you love and forgot what others say. There will always be purses we are not particular fans of. To each his own.:yes:
  12. LOL, yup... (Standing up to introduce myself)... My name is Kat and I'm a former Spy bag hater. Hi.:s

    I don't know when exactly the Spy became my pimp, but I can't really think of any other bags now, but I never get tired of looking at, thinking about and dreaming of owning more spys!

    I saw that other thread. I LOVE it! It's so interesting to see what other people have to say about this or that. I throw up a little everytime I see the Coach bags with the 6 billion CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC's all over 'em. The leather ones sans the CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC are great though! I just see those bags every single day by the thousands. I guess if I didn't see 'em so much, I wouldn't be so irked by 'em.
  13. I don't get Birkin bags eaither they are gross looking :p In my eyes they look like the female version of a briefcase ewww :p

    But I love Fendi Spy :biggrin: I just got my first one, it's a black one :biggrin:
  14. Well, I wasn't that into the Spy but I saw one IRL awhile back and was in Awe! I'm not sure if I want one or not but they're fun to drool over.

    B. bag haters? Oh well, more for the rest of us. I LOVE my zucca b. fendi and always get compliments on it.